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scratch on the horizon

some children lean like saplings

bent, blank and thin like a sheet of A4 paper

holes in their teeth

empty black spaces


and then some children just look like scratches on a painted horizon… 74 ord igjen

One Person at a Time

I have come to think, therefore, that the basic thing we must do is to stop generalizing about people. If we no longer thought of them as groups, but as individuals, we would soon find that they varied in their different groups as much as we do in our own.

1 454 ord igjen

You Are Also Eii

We are Eii, and I am Eii, and you are Eii: see, we are everywhere, see: we are you, and you are us. 583 ord igjen


12 Reasons You're Not Getting Any Better at This Whole Writing Thing

1. You have no personal definition of what «better» actually means for you.

2. You want an end result without having to do the amount or intensity of work required to get that result. 225 ord igjen

Meg Dowell

Decisions. A Haiku.

You stand on the cusp
Of an end and beginning
Afraid of your choice

For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered…

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Onward. Upward

The ensnare will kill in many pieces
Yep their twists and turns still there
But, I have burned my past bridges
I’m let to bet on ‘the hurt’ I witness… 65 ord igjen


Hold Your Hankering Horses - Dead Deer

Hold Your Hankering Horses

The desire was too much to contain. Zoom in as everything else around that troublesome target loses focus, becomes fuzzy, indistinct and eventually disappears. 258 ord igjen