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If you love suspense, you're gonna love this

I have finally finished reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters! It’s a wonderful read, recommended for everyone (all the straight, queers, and the bilinguals alike) who lives and breathes suspense. 233 ord igjen

Where Does Your Mind Wander?

Where does your mind wander when you see me?
A million stars glisten within those eyes
and I can tell your thoughts are roaming wild. 110 ord igjen

The Glasses Shattered, But We Were Used To Doing Everything Broken

In the twilight of the warm afternoon, a bird flew lazily over us, a reminder of why I couldn’t have done things any differently. We were sitting at different tables in the same restaurant, eating the same dish but tasting it differently without realizing it. 249 ord igjen


A Shameless Self-Promotion Post

My Victorian crime book, The Barker’s Dozen: Reminiscences of an Early Police Dog is now available on Smashwords, at a ridiculously low price.

The Barker’s Dozen: Reminiscences of an Early Police Dog… 23 ord igjen

Books By Robert Warr

The Piper 39

Nobody knew that Pete could tell the time and only Nick knew that he had a special gift. Pete could read the thoughts that other people had. 1 092 ord igjen


I unhitch my bike with relative ease. In a brisk two handed movement I have spun the chain. One hand securing the bottom at the base and my right hand rotating upward in concentric circles, allowing the momentum of the heavy chain to guide the movement. 1 028 ord igjen