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In the Oval Office

Wikipedia Poem, No. 858
thought now 
he might live now 
he might 
he just don’t look at this, jared really had power 
so the liberals raise up his hero’s journey right now 

he might now 
he just might now he   
might have thought now live right now 
though he might live for the liberals imprisoned 
him on his hero’s journey right now 

he might wow he might just live now 
he might flex on his hero’s journey right his soul 
just channeled it looks so good we don’t look that good
we don’t look good we wine drown and don’t look good
we don’t look at this, jared, really, they started appreciating this fine wine   

wine whine wine whine
he thought clever now 
he might be mighty now he might 
now just for a moment he might live now
for there’s a fine wine to be found how

it has complex notes to improve on 
because he don’t look at this, jared, really had power 
so, they started doing what they started doing
each fleck of shame is remarkably unremarkable 
triceps flexed against the entitled white wall… 20 ord igjen

White Bull

Wikipedia Poem, No. 857

would art be a battleground?
forget college circle prompts
reasoning this: the old anti-censorship birth-game
awoke: the journalist outlouds dear trench of sky… 157 ord igjen


Art Question (Now With Answer!)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 856
Seeing a great resurgence 
in 2018? Hers, are attracted to 
of figurative 
     painting. Why?

Bigot, reinforced by 
   authoritarian zealot; reintroduced 
in a nation 
          perfectly into 
    perfectly into the message-less 
    silence of the father. 85 ord igjen

Instructions for a Narrative

Wikipedia Poem, No. 855

Mislead darkness into spaces surrounded by the unknowable void. Definitive articles, please. There be thick monsters of expired physiology of the ancient world of mind, the dark spaces of plein-air painting, found artifacts—void, which you will know about—the maker, the forest dying in technology’s web, the art of confused interrogation. 73 ord igjen


Barbecue Vanitas

Wikipedia Poem, No. 854

floats in the sea and do not see the ancients
void of paintings in found artifacts—which you present
like found artifacts—which you… 81 ord igjen


Someone I respect is putting on a play.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 853

put on a play
pliant appeal

so what is
putting on

grow through here
grow through there
crystal-sutured words… 170 ord igjen


Cleopatra Testing Poisons on those Condemned to Death

Wikipedia Poem, No. 852

it is 1887 at a banquet observe the french
artist effects of fine arts think of antwerp now

court ensure committee assault.exe… 162 ord igjen