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To Please the Yelping Dog

some dogs can’t help it

in cutlery
a fork
from latin furca
for pitchfork
fulcrum of metal
long handle
in a head
branches… 18 ord igjen


Wikipedia Poem, No. 888 Metapacking District (iii), Joseph M. Gerace

“One must desire the ultimate essence even if it is ‘contaminated.’”

Cy Twombly, 1957

No echt government drives badly…

124 ord igjen

The Cuban Prisoners

Wikipedia Poem, No. 887 Metapacking District (ix), Joseph M. Gerace

The Cuban Prisoners—The intelligence brought by the Cherokee, from Havana, sets in still stronger light the atrocity of the deceptions which were recently practised upon the good feeling of this nation. 195 ord igjen

A Crisis of the Heart and a Crisis of the Soul

Wikipedia Poem, No. 886

the desert on hand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124 ord igjen

The Artists' Head Strung from The Artist's Head

Wikipedia Poem, No. 885

drop anything my brown kitchen stand falligators quarries airfields swamps post-industrial towns no weather here deep withering made-thing in beautiful or dissociated harmony frying up the stuff and father we make we sort we tell stories … 75 ord igjen

'is what it seems' (Kevin Beasley)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 884 Kevin Beasley, “Reunion” (2018), detail, now on view at the Whitney

is what it seems
designer british
stamps her stamp… 87 ord igjen

New Year's Day

Wikipedia Poem, No. 883

        Like a final decision?
Then it—

    I know
the sound
of yr idling
   of cheap life:
too late, … 60 ord igjen