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Lawmaker's remarks on home sales to gays draw Realtor group's ire

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher speaks at a press conference held in Moscow, June 2, 2013.( Reuters)

A congressman from Southern California is facing backlash over recent remarks that, in his view, homeowners have a right to refuse to sell their property to homosexuals and lesbians, reports said. 356 ord igjen


Pluto may have formed from 1 billion comets

This view of Pluto’s Sputnik Planitia nitrogen-ice plain was captured by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft during its flyby of the dwarf planet in July 2015. Credit: NASA/ JHUAPL/ SwRI… 489 ord igjen


Here's what one Holocaust survivor has to say about the rise of the Antifa movement.

At a recent anti-hate rally in Berkeley, Joey Gibson, leader of the extreme right-wing, white supremacist group, Patriot Prayer, strolled directly in front of me, his three burly bodyguards in tow. 1 027 ord igjen


A century on, why are we forgetting the deaths of 100 million? | Martin Kettle

The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak killed more people than both world wars. Dont imagine such a thing could never happen again, says the Guardian columnist Martin Kettle… 1 074 ord igjen


Police: 2 shot at Oklahoma restaurant; suspect dead

OKLAHOMA CITY- A man armed with a handgun walked into an Oklahoma City restaurant at the dinner hour Thursday and opened fire, wounding two customers, before being shot dead by a handgun-carrying civilian in the parking lot, police said. 170 ord igjen


How these teens convinced Utah Republicans to accept the impact of climate change.

The adults have had their chance, but once again, it’s the kids who seem to be making real change.

After two years of hard work, teenage activists in Utah scored a major victory after… 493 ord igjen


North Korea claims to have demolished nuclear test site



Journalists head to North Korea nuclear test site

Small group of regime-picked reporters to take 8-12 hour develop ride, bus ride, then make one-hour hike to North Korean facility; Greg Palkot reports from Seoul. 642 ord igjen