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AVATAR Debut New Music Video For “The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country”

Citizens! If the message hasn’t been clear enough already, the King of Kings above all Kings ruling in the realm of Kings has decided to speak directly to his flock and let them know that «THE KING WELCOMES YOU TO AVATAR COUNTRY!» 209 ord igjen


Happy Feet Two

A dumb unnecessary sequel which is not only retcons implied things, but straight up makes the protagonist of the first film fluffier than he was in the end of it. 83 ord igjen

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Video Of The Week: Lolo Zouaï - Blue

Cette nouvelle artiste née francaise et vivant aux États Unis propose depuis quelques mois un son d’une qualité incroyable. Aller aussi écouter Brooklyn Love  ou  … 30 ord igjen


Global Business Video - Spot an International Business Fraud - YouTube This one minute video talks about how to spot frauds and con men in international business. One minute of watching this video can save your company time and money!

[#video] OWASP ZAP 2.6.0 basic web vulnerability scan

Double check the video about how to perform a basic scan using the tool «OWASP ZAP v2.6.0«, Let’s check the scenario.

The tool was installed on Windows 7 and the scan was based on a simple implementation of one… 23 ord igjen


You gotta be hungry... Don't stop running towards your dream -- Les Brown #happiness

I love this speech. It’s full of gems of advice:

You gotta be hungry… Practice every day (reminder to self)… Someone’s opinion of you does not need to become your reality… You have greatness within you and responsibility to manifest that greatness… Don’t stop running towards your dream.