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The most scenic highway in Rocky Mountain National Park: to Estes Park

On our way back the weather was sunny and it gave us different views of the mountains, lakes, forest and tundra. The pallet and colors changed and became brighter and more vibrant. 1 034 ord igjen


Short Film: MORGEN, 10min., USA, Documentary

A documentary short in which director Samantha Farrell explores her family’s past and present, reflecting on her older sister, Morgen’s, struggle with mental illness.

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San Francisco - Muir Woods

If you go down to the woods today, make sure it is Muir Woods National Monument, established in 1908, if you are San Francisco way!  The best way to access this amazing canyon, full of redwood trees, is by hiring a car – from downtown San Francisco, just follow the signs and go over the famous Golden Gate Bridge north , then follow the signs to Muir Woods.  532 ord igjen


Short Film: FIRST STEP, 9min., USA, Drama

«A recent date leaves a college student struggling to confide in her friends what really happened.»

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Short Film: BETWEEN US, 10min, USA, Drama/Family

Between Us is the story of Angela’s life, the one she has and the one she wishes she could have.

It is real exploration into a woman: Angela, a pretty, yet harried, determined working mother of 3 girls, and the family she has created: Michael, a father who is holding his own in a household of 4 females, Marnie, a 15 year old already pissed off gay teenage girl, Ellie, a 9 year old Tom Boy fascinated by the life cycle of fish, Gracie, a 7 year old badass in a Unicorn headband with a sailors mouth and finally the most surprising character and guiding force in Angela’s life, Matt – her dead father. 68 ord igjen

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Short Film: MEA CULPA, 6min., USA, Comedy/Crime

Mia plans to rob her sister’s grocery store to get the insurance money, but everything goes wrong…

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    Short, Student

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    6 minutes 42 seconds…

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    Spatial #transmission of #H5N2 highly pathogenic #avian #influenza between #Minnesota #poultry premises during the 2015 #outbreak (PLoS One, abstract)


    Spatial transmission of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza between Minnesota poultry premises during the 2015 outbreak

    Peter J. Bonney , Sasidhar Malladi, Gert Jan Boender, J. 482 ord igjen