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Welcome to the World of Retail

As soon as I turned 14, my parents strongly recommended that I gain my own independence and apply for a part-time job. My dad and I sat down, wrote a resume and drove 10 minutes to our local shops. 514 ord igjen


Digital Asia: building upon my DA idea

It’s been a week or two since my last post regarding my idea for the Digital Artifact, and I think I’m still happy with my idea. 500 ord igjen


"Meat" Your Meat Expert!

If you are vegan or a vegetarian, please do not have beef with me after reading this…

I work in a male dominant environment, there’s usually six to seven butchers on either benches around me or in the back breaking down cows, lambs and so on… 959 ord igjen


Analysing my Narrated Experience

When analysing my narrated experience in the third blog post I realised I tended to ramble on a bit too much. I was so focused on talking about my history with Digital Asia instead of talking about my topic and products I plan to use in this assessment. 489 ord igjen


Autoethnographic Experience with the Digital Asia

Coming into this subject I had no idea what to expect. I have heard of others that had done this subject yet I was still conflicted about what to expect. 777 ord igjen


Breaking Up With Club Penguin

I guess its true that all good things must come to end. Just like my old and endearing relationship with a previous, certain digital form of media. 550 ord igjen


Life as a Waitress

As of the middle of last year, I began my casual job at Michel’s Patisserie. The first 3 weeks at this job was quite complicated as I found myself learning new skills likewise any new employee does at a new job. 423 ord igjen