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Performing Hajj & Umrah Cheaply 2018

The Umrah

  • If a pilgrim desires to perform Umrah, he should get rid of his routine clothing and bathe as he would after sexual attachment. After ablution a pilgrim should perfume his head and beard as it does not harms the purpose of Ihram.
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Hajj Workshop

Hajj is nearly upon us for another year. The Hajj Workshop page can be found here

It is your one stop shop for Hajj & Umrah learning & preparation – jam packed with self learning videos, guides, articles, how to’s, supplications and much much more. 37 ord igjen


Zakaat, an Obligatory Charity

Zakaat is the charity in Islam and it is the pillar of Islam, paying charity (Zakaat) is obligatory on all able Muslims. An Arabic phrase Zakaat, this means “purification”. 484 ord igjen


Opportunities for Saudi Women

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of exertions and Social improvement and Human assets improvement Fund Khaled Aba Al-Khail defined that this system to support kid’s advocacy “Qurrah” has been followed up to now 233 baby-care facilities inside the kingdom, according to Saudi nation-information channel Al-Ekhbariya. 505 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

Dates for Hajj 2018

When is Hajj 2018?

The dates of Hajj for 2018 (1439) are as follows,

Note: The dates above have not yet been confirmed by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. 186 ord igjen


December Umrah Packages are of Great Help for UK Muslims

The holy city of Makkah experiences a hot desert climate, which means that the temperatures during summers can be extremely hot with daytime temperatures exceeding 40-Degree Celsius. 487 ord igjen


Luxury Services for Umrah Packages

Umrah is an act of worship which is performed in Makkah, every month millions of Muslims from all around the globe visit Makkah in order to perform Umrah. 433 ord igjen

Holy Quran