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Black Friday Shopping SCORES

After a long grueling day of cooking and a full belly the last thing I want to do is go run around the mall! Why leave the comfort of my cozy bed and brace the crowds. 107 more words


Orange with my own skirt

アレンジアレンジアレンジですが #橙 #オレンジ#l #orangewithmyownskirt2016 good morning 😻 climate condition with Animal evolution/ extinction/ ecosystem / food chain with Pollution / social problems on network , traffic , safety and housing / commercial problems on packaging/ petroleum consumption on plastic demand / personal desires with dreams / human innovation and technology with space and earth / analysis on the orange 🍊 colour with psychology : influences on gender / ages / social stages / media / Identity / and the relationship of nutrition itself for human in form of synthetic and artificial of fruit – by products in mixtures of solid / liquid / powder / in order to improve body health and skin / the biological structures with orange fruits / smells / taste / function // are we still beautiful without thinking of other collapses ? 29 more words


Lead found in fidget spinners is no idle threat
This feature warrants the recently discovered lead based toy being sold in Target stores nationwide despite public safety regulations against lead containing items.

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Solange Is the New Face of Calvin Klein Underwear writes: 

In 2014, Calvin Klein launched the #MYCALVINS campaign. That meant that everywhere you looked (on Instagram anyway), the famous and the unfamous posted snaps of themselves in…yes, their Calvin .  104 more words


The Best Watch i Ever Wear!

Watch Daniel Wellington —–Click on the link for buy it!

With leather darker than the deepest parts of the ocean, the Classic Sheffield was carefully designed to stand the test of time while maintaining its effortless beauty. 41 more words


Hèt nieuwe werken

Hèt nieuwe werken, oftewel flexibel werken genoemd, is een populaire trend onder de werknemers. Met de vele voordelen is het een trend die al een paar jaar mee gaat in onze maatschappij. 644 more words

Huis verkopen zonder makelaar - Romana de Wildt

Je wilt je huis verkopen? Daarvoor schakel je een makelaar in, toch? Dit is tegenwoordig niet meer vanzelfsprekend. Het is mogelijk om je huis helemaal zelf te verkopen. 704 more words