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Recap: Tallinn, Helsinki, Klaipėda

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed several days of travel, as well as some fun times home in Klaipėda. 700 ord igjen


Haines – “Valley of the Eagles”

Perched at the upper end of North America’s longest and deepest fjord, Haines is a quintessential Alaskan town. Surrounded by the Chilkat Mountain range and the Chilkat River on one side and the Lynn Canal on the other, this small multicultural community of about 2,400 people draws it life and inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty. 1 257 ord igjen



Rehan had taken an early leave from his office. He was rushing through the gates to catch the 5pm bus. It was the last bus of the day which would take him to his village. 1 555 ord igjen

Not Exactly Roughing It (Ole Serai Luxury Camp, Kenya)

On clear days, the soft, pillowy clouds dot the blue horizon. Grass turn golden on certain hours of the day while the few trees left standing (and uneaten by ellies) in the savannah provide shade to some of the most beautiful animals. 590 ord igjen

Travel, Travels

Sabbatical/2nd Honeymoon💋Day 0

Today is Thursday, August 16, 2018. We are packing and tossing to start our whirlwind adventure tomorrow at 6am. My goal is to be finished packing and in the bed by midnight at the very latest. 729 ord igjen

The Process

Fly Me to Calgary

There is an undeniable excitement when waking up in the early morning, knowing that four hours from now, you will be stepping onto an airplane, soaring through the air, and walking out into the gentle summer breezes of another place.  449 ord igjen