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83 - The Cruise

Feb 17 – 18

Jan and Ben are going for a short holiday around New Zealand and I join them for a couple of days, after which I continue south to Steward Island, as I managed to reserve an overnight accommodation in the huts along the Raikura trail. 970 ord igjen


Further Up The Creek

Los Llanos – Venezuela

Last post I’d rambled on about various trips of a lifetime, one of which included Venezuela, and that got me digging out some of the photos from that little foray. 373 ord igjen

Archer's Archives

Bangkok, Thailand - Day 1

After taking a 14 hour flight from Washington DC to Beijing, Kun and I thought that we would have a short 2 hour layover before catching our final flight to Bangkok. 247 ord igjen


Amazing Days in Paris (April, 2018)

Visiting Paris for almost a week with an amazing weather is certainly a great experience. There are so many marvelous things in this city and one can really have a great time, especially with good company to share those spectacular moments, and some good drinks. 200 ord igjen

SANDY morning...not raining!

Desert in the tropics.

Yes, we have our local sandy-desert here. Check it out! Adventure tripping again. That EXTREME you-dont-want-to-end joyride on a 4×4 truck experience and the endless privilege to go boarding on the sand dunes. 57 ord igjen


‘Tsunami’ of match-fixing exposed

{«contentType»:»NEWS_STORY»,»id»:{«value»:»5beba981b67412b4b881cb0b7efac836″,»link»:»https:\/\/\/content\/v2\/5beba981b67412b4b881cb0b7efac836″},»originId»:»cff1cf26-4884-11e8-aef8-a13b48e254af»,»origin»:»METHODE»,»channel»:»NONE»,»title»:»\u2018Tsunami\u2019 of match-fixing exposed»,»subtitle»:»Lower-levels of tennis are being plagued by match-fixing»,»description»:»

LOWER-level tennis has a \u201ctsunami\u201d-like problem with match-fixing, according to a review panel set up to look into allegations of corruption in the sport which published its findings on Wednesday. 4 122 ord igjen

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