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Tear Memories, Fire Sales and Recovery

December 13-14, 2018, Prescott-

I’ve been back at work, these past two days, getting easily into the routine again.  As my crewmates read my posts here and on Facebook, there was a brief welcome back, with little conversation about the journey. 260 ord igjen



Australia. The land of eternal sunshine, overly descriptive road signs and a preposterous number of ant species. The place where it’s acceptable for men to wear short shorts, you’ll get cream with your dessert whether you like it or not, and where it’s illegal to complain about the rain. 1 176 ord igjen


Swimming in the rain in Cat Ba

The rain started as we were pulling out of Ha Giang on our night bus to Haiphong and it went on…and on…and on! It was a grey boat ride over to Cat Ba island at 7am and the little port town looked pretty sad under the clouds, but still we were optimistic it would clear, I mean how long can it realistically rain for…. 642 ord igjen


Dear Honing,

This past misty Tuesday morning, I sat down with Renee, and I signed the papers.

It is official. I’ll be staying in the Netherlands for the following semester. 128 ord igjen


Let’s get slicker at marketing our city – for tourists and people who live here

John Donnelly: Let’s get slicker at marketing our city of Edinburgh
Edinburgh is a world-leading ­destination, and we must shout out about it. ­However, while we celebrate our successes, we must also acknowledge our responsibility to manage that success, on behalf of those who live her… 6 ord igjen


The Season of Giving 🕊

Are you more into giving or receiving gifts?

For me it’s an easy answer- givingI think the look on people’s face when you give them something they’ve always wanted, or even making something for them, or helping them with anything- it’s… 315 ord igjen