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This Junior Suite is a SWEET deal! 😍🍭


September Harvest in Florence

Hectares of grapes sweep through the rolling countryside in Florence. I personally hand picked grape bunches off the vine.

Completely enamored by the vineyard for vinemaking…. 6 ord igjen


Day 4 in Trinidad, Cuba

Day 4 – Trinidad > Lunch at Villalba > Dinner at Restaurant Las Mamparas

We were supposed to get picked up by taxi collectivo at 9am outside our… 950 ord igjen

Travel Tips

You know that feeling when you’ve been away for several days, even weeks, and you are finally home and all your crap is put away, and you finally sit down on your couch and you just breathe? 1 070 ord igjen

Flight Anxiety & Knowing the Difference Between Anxiety & Intuition

This is something that is new for me. Not once had I ever been afraid to fly on a plane. But just a couple weeks ago I had major anxiety leading up to my flight(s) when I was preparing to move across the country. 738 ord igjen


Exploring Spain

3 weeks back into school and I’m really in need of some sunshine, so I thought this was quite a fitting post to write. I visited Benalmadena at the end of August and I won’t lie, I had some preconceptions – I was imagining an English-tourist-ridden place with skyscrapers right next to the beach, but I was very pleasantly surprised!! 244 ord igjen


MCM 2018:T-minus 35/Road

Lessons from the Road, 2018:

  1. Man, I am glad I did a month of conditioning before I hit the road and started my training this year.
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