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Washington D.C.'s Best Hotel Restaurants And Bars

With their promises of a well-crafted cocktails and cuisine, elegant surroundings, and if need be, discreet accommodations, no wonder Washington, D.C.’s citizens flock to hotels when the working day is done. 16 ord igjen


Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever taken music lessons?

Or received coaching for a sport?

What about learning to cook a favorite dish?

How to you become expert (or even moderately proficient) at any of the above? 42 ord igjen


On to the next adventure

It has been a few months since my last post. Life has taken crazy unexpected turns. The good kind (like graduating!), I will clarify. But writing is something I am very passionate about, so am re-committing myself to my blog. 296 ord igjen


Culture - How the Finnish lifestyle promotes good habits

Two years of living in Finland has made me realize how much our habits are shaped by the environment we live in. This is no rocket science, nor is it a new thought either. 933 ord igjen


"American Airlines Fly-by" on their Passenger Service Workers

«We have a food bank at the airport for people who work full-time and don’t have enough money to buy meals.» Darryle Williams, passenger service agent who has worked for 11 years at Piedmont Airlines in Charlotte, N.C. 386 ord igjen

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What's your go to outfit for traveling?

What’s your go to outfit for traveling?

Like for example for traveling by car or plane I would wear joggers and a hoodie. Just wondering what everyone wears when they have to travel.

Thank you.