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ख़ुशी संक्रामक है

ख़ुशी संक्रामक है

इसलिए मुस्कुराइए

ताकि आपके साथ दूसरे भी मुस्कुरा सकें 😊


Thought For The Day

You Learn

After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,

And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning…

142 more words
Thought For The Day

Sonic Gems: Sade - Promise

In 1982, the English band Sade formed.  This band combined elements of soul, quiet storm, smooth jazz and sophisticated pop music.  The band arose from the Latin soul band Pride.  174 more words

Thought For The Day

Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Letter XI—On Inoculation - Voltaire

As we have previously discussed before, Letters On the English is a series of essay by Voltaire based on his experience of living in England between 1726 and 1729.  102 more words

Thought For The Day


When you yearn for forgiveness in the world, begin by desiring forgiveness in your own life.

Thought For The Day: Nov. 21, 2017 "No Vacancy"

Happy Tuesday,

Our thought for the day is a reminder about self care. The holiday season is coming up… fast and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. 67 more words

Thought For The Day

But, Please...

While sitting here sipping on my morning coffee, I had an idea.

Or, rather.

An idea had me.

Since Google Earth was already opened, I decided to go to… 264 more words