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Can I celebrate Christmas as a Muslim?

I think it’s pretty safe to say at this stage that hatred of Muslims is brewing into something that can no longer be halted; there’s no other option now – it is going to get worse before it gets better. 1 160 more words


Why a Safaricom Online Store Makes Sense

This week it was announced that Safaricom would be launching an online marketplace. I sat back and wondered why. «Is this Little Cab all over again? 791 more words


He Came In The Dead Of The Night

It was the dead of the night, and Maria was dead to the world. Her legs sunk into the mattress, the weight lifted away, her mind finally tranquil when the first pebble hit her bedroom window. 769 more words


Onto the Smartphone Race

Product Category: Smartphones

After the era of the dumbphones has ended, notable smartphone brands were on the rise as they fought to claim that glittering top spot in the smartphone race. 932 more words



So ask away,
What’s there to lose?
You know what they say,
And darling, it’ll be un nouveau jour.


£2.9 billion cash injection from Foundations but availability of funding is still seen as a challenge- why?

I recently attended the launch of the Association of Charitable Foundations’ “Foundation Giving Trends 2017” Report – a review of key facts and trends from the top 300 Charitable Foundations.  742 more words



There’s something so bewitching,
And wrong, and
So, so right
About rose petals at night
Bathed in calm, glorious moonlight.

And so I’d part the branches, leaves fresh… 29 more words