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Berlin's Syrian poet: 'More than just a refugee'

Acclaimed poet Widad Nabi speaks about her journey from Aleppo to Germany, the struggles she faced, and the power of writing

Nabi has made a new life for herself in Berlin after escaping the Syrian war (Photo courtesy of Gerald Zörner) 1 485 ord igjen

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Syria: Turkey war planes launch strikes on Afrin

Source: BBC News

Turkish war planes have launched air strikes on Kurdish positions in northern Syria, in a move likely to cause tensions with the US. 81 ord igjen

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7 People Charged in Opioid Trafficking Scheme That Left 700 People Dead

Source: Time


January 19, 2018

(KNOXVILLE, Tenn.) — Two people in Italy and five U.S. residents have been charged in a fraud and drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute opioids in Florida and Tennessee, leading to hundreds of deaths, federal prosecutors said Friday. 60 ord igjen

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HHS is targeting health workers’ religious objections. Here’s why.

Source: The Washington Post

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey

This story has been updated since it was first published on Jan. 18.

The Trump administration has announced new regulations and a new division responsible for handling complaints from health-care workers who do not want to perform a medical procedure like an abortion or assisted death because it violates their religious or moral beliefs, a move that seemed to renew past culture war battles over “conscience protections.” 73 ord igjen

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The Internet Has Made Americans More Casual About Religion

Source: Gizmodo

By Ed Cara

Contrary to what you might assume after hate-browsing Facebook, it seems the internet may have actually made people less dogmatic about religion. 250 ord igjen

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How a Mormon lawyer transformed archaeology in Mexico—and ended up losing his faith

Source: Science

By Lizzie Wade

Jan. 18, 2018 , 10:45 AM

Thomas Stuart Ferguson lay in his hammock, certain that he had found the promised land. 250 ord igjen

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What Happens if You Package the Bible as a Novel Instead of a Textbook?

Source: Slate


I’ve owned eight or 10 Bibles over the course of my life, including a children’s illustrated New International Version, a handful of small gilt-edged New Testaments, a “life application” Bible packaged for 1990s teenagers, and a hefty tome emblazoned with my name. 338 ord igjen

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