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Seeking the Holy Grail

I went walking in the mountains following a map that would lead me to the Holy Grail, the chalice of immortality. Faded and blurred, the map was muddled and further obscured by inky paw prints from my helpful cat. 1 497 ord igjen

BLACKPINK ¡así de trendy!

¡Amamos el negro y el rosa! y por supuesto amamos a BLACKPINK 😍, aunque este post no trate sobre ellas, te queremos confesar que tenemos un altar en casa😲🙊. 236 ord igjen

Moda El Salvador

FDA investigating whether dozens of e-cigarette products are being illegally marketed

The agency seeks information from 21 companies as part of its effort to curb underage vaping.

The Food and Drug Administration, in its latest effort to curb youth vaping, is investigating whether dozens of e-cigarette products are being sold illegally, the agency announced Friday. 53 ord igjen

Washington Post

Dear Younger Me - Song #15

              – Dear Younger Me – Song #15 –

Are you ready to admit you fit into the older age category, having learned much from the many ups and downs in life that came your way. 244 ord igjen

Short Stories


I get no respect.

I don’t get to elect.

I’m more informed

Than most adults I guess.

I get my bags checked.

This shit is bags, yet… 426 ord igjen


It's Always the Quiet ones...

Focus on what’s NOT being said by teenagers

During my first aid training (many years ago!), the first thing we learned was that if faced with multiple casualties; we check the quiet ones first. 476 ord igjen

The danger of setting an example

This blog turns out to be a good example of doing something productive in the mornings.  I was not aware it was until this morning’s non-exemplary lack of productivity.  273 ord igjen