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Well, being passive is not a quality we often aspire to or one that we admire in others, is it. We are a culture of opinions and strongly-held views, of action and moving forward. 860 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton

The Arc of Common Sense is Long

but it bends towards prosperity.      (bet you didn’t see that coming!)

Threats of global devastation should have been enough, but the common sense of developing renewable energy sources didn’t appeal to a lot of people until the short-term economics did. 780 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton

Passionate Moderation

My husband and I met the Queen of England in 2008. That alone is a wonderful thing, but the story of how it happened is actually my favorite part of the whole experience. 610 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton

More Resilience

As for most of you, it’s been a remarkably busy time for me too, so I updated a post from last summer in part as a time-saving measure, but also because the word «resilience» keeps coming up for me in various ways.  

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Sonya Sutton

Follow Me

«Just follow me,» I said to a choir who would be singing for Evensong at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Minneapolis this past winter.  We were visitors, and I had asked how the choir should process in, so I confidently set off into the nave and up the side aisle as instructed. 872 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton

Wakener of the Songbirds

A group of singers I’m working with is preparing a program to sing on tour in France this summer, and one of the presenters of a concert series at a cathedral in southern France saw our program and expressed some concern about it not being entirely «religious.»  We hadn’t intended to put together a program of sacred music, but in fact we had done exactly that…just not music that drew exclusively from Christian texts. 493 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton


How many of you have said with some certainty, when you’ve heard rap music, «that’s not music!»? The Pulitzer Prize committee recently thought otherwise when it awarded rapper… 586 ord igjen

Sonya Sutton