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How Deeply Has Social Media Deviated How We See Beauty?

Speaking for myself, as a woman, feeling beautiful and being called beautiful are two completely different feelings. While compliments are always wonderfully ego boosting, feeling beautiful from within is deeply empowering. 328 more words


Adoption: The Ultimate Evolutionary Challenge

Many of us are familiar with adoption. Probably most people know at least one person who has either adopted children or was adopted themselves. What many may not recognize is that the very idea of adoption is a challenge to the evolutionary theory.  880 more words

The Science

New research from Concordia examines how we can age well while living healthier, longer

For Habib Benali, interim scientific director of the PERFORM Centre at Concordia University, the study of wellness is more than just medicine — it demands an interdisciplinary approach. 723 more words

Local News

A year of Chinese prison mistreatment for RSF laureate

The founder of the 64 Tianwang civil rights website and winner of the RSF Press Freedom Prize in 2004, Huang Qi was arrested at his home in Chengdu, in the western province of Sichuan, on 28 November 2016. 22 more words


Security Council deplores deadly attack against UN peacekeepers in Mali

24 November 2017 – Condemning “in the strongest terms” an attack against the United Nations peacekeeping force in Mali that left several uniformed personnel dead, the Security Council on Friday called on the country’s authorities to swiftly investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. 11 more words


UN expo to highlight vital role of South-South cooperation in achieving Global Goals

The meeting, which will take place in Antalya from 27 to 30 November, will provide an opportunity to showcase share solutions, initiatives and success stories, as well as explore new avenues for collaboration and partnership. 11 more words


UN forum explores ongoing discrimination faced by people of African descent

24 November 2017 – Participants from Europe, Central Asia and North America gathered this week at a United Nations forum in Geneva to explore ways to combat racial discrimination and to ensure effective promotion and protection of the human rights of people of African descent. 11 more words