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What's it like to work for Vail Resorts (2018)

The snow arrived early this year and gave some mountains a head start on the 2018/2019 ski season, but don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on your chance to spend a winter in the Colorado Rockies. 2 789 ord igjen

Ski Town

Snowboarding doesn't have an off switch--here’s how to practice in the summer

The winter season only lasts for a limited time but snowboarders will always find a way to work on their craft. There are quite a few things you can do to work on your skills even without snow in your area. 826 ord igjen


Atmosphere warms up pushing snow resorts to man-made snow

BRIGHTON, Utah — For decades Utah has claimed the title of the greatest snow on earth, but will the state still hold that title even with the warm fall, winter weather we’ve been experiencing? 413 ord igjen


Relax & Watch This Highly Enjoyable LEGO Ski Resort Video

Really enjoyable little stop motion LEGO ski resort film by Youtuber MICHAEL HICKOX. Dude is a monster on Youtube with 1.2 million subscribers and it’s incredible what he’s able to accomplish with those little plastic toys from our youth and what must be an unending supply of patience. 59 ord igjen


Shots Fired! Winter Is Coming

Park Crew was in the metal shop this morning, so I grabbed the office camera and went downstairs to snap some photos. 62 ord igjen


Snowmaking update from Deer Valley and Park City Mountain, 2018

I frequently have clients tell me they want to schedule their trip only when the snow is «good.» Well, first, unless you’re skiing 70 days a year, literally anything we have here in the great Rocky Mountain West is going to be ‘good.’ Second, even if we aren’t blessed by epic storm after storm, you’re going to have a great time because baby? 287 ord igjen

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Ode to Muir - something to think about

Snowboardfilms, ze zijn zelden zwaar van inhoud, hoeft ook niet, het mag entertainend blijven. Toch zet Jeremy Jones met zijn ‘Ode to Muir’ een probleem op de kaart. 318 ord igjen