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Rapidito Colombian Gourmet Bites

After a recent excursion to a rather fantastic Spanish restaurant in Chicago’s Lakeview, my restaurant advisor and I noted a Colombian restaurant on the landscape east of where we had experienced a wow factor in coastal Spain dining. 347 more words


8 Toddler Snacks

Having a toddler in the house ensures that you are on your toes every waking moment. It’s fun but also very taxing on the parents. With exploding energy, toddlers are at their energetic best throughout the day and to keep fueling them is very important. 379 more words


Ginger ice-cream

Ginger is a taste that can be overpowering for some, as it’s very strong and pungent. It can be used to add sharpness to a dish, such as a curry, but it can also be sweetened and used in desserts like ginger bread. 120 more words


Carlito's PB & Chocolate Squares

I found the best vegan chocolate in Indonesia. I bought several chocolate bars with the hopes of melting it and covering some treats. Since I really miss peanut butter filled chocolates, I decided to make something similar. 589 more words


Into the Jungle - Makeni Stop

We hurriedly reorganised the vehicle loads – from the relative comfort of 4 in each vehicle we were now 5 or 6, plus all the extra kit.  296 more words


Coffee Shops in Markham

I’m one of those people who have trouble concentrating at home. There’s always something to do, clean, watch, make, etc., and so I also find myself sidetracked or seriously distracted even when I manage to sit down and work. 146 more words