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Snack Street Cafe, Alipore : A hidden Gem

Some of you might have come across this place on zomato,and wondered to yourself where exactly is this place in Alipore? Chances are if you are standing bang in front of this joint, you may not still be able to find it. 898 more words

Restaurant Review

Ice Cendol

As I promised on my previous post (Ice Cendol – Trial) I will post the recipe of Ice Cendol! I did make before but the shape is not good though the taste was there. 54 more words


Chocaholic Cupcakes

For the last day at my current (well, not so current anymore) job, I figured we could ditch the healthy school motto for a minute or two and treat the kids to these bits of chocaholic goodness. 128 more words


Sourdough Waffles

You will need to make up your dough at least 8 hours before you want to make the waffles to allow the Sourdough Starter to work its magic and ferment the dough, causing air bubbles to form within it. 233 more words


5 Clean and healthy treats - Infographic

I ran across these in my web wandering and thought they looked useful.

As a total peanut butter lover, I thought number one especially clever. I start every morning with a spoon full of peanut butter dipped in coconut oil. 57 more words


Healthy Afternoon Delight

Today, I went home early from work, excited to take a rest and grab a nutritious snack. As I looked at our table, I saw three ripe avocados, tempting me to eat them. 203 more words


Vegan Anzac Cookies

My dad’s favourite cookie has forever been the Anzac sort. For as long as I can remember, whether it was his birthday, christmas time, fathers day celebrations or just Anzac day in general… These babies would always be the first request. 305 more words