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Treating Hard to Control Obesity

Children aren’t just little adults, even big or overweight children.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that obesity treatments might be different for children.

Childhood Obesity Treatments… 567 more words

Child Nutrition

Tasting the Holidays

In every holiday season, different products emerge that the major corporations behind them attempt to justify as a synonymous experience.  The pumpkin spice trend is perhaps the most obvious of all of these: as soon as fall hits, the admittedly delicious drink causes dense, far-reaching lines at Starbucks.   602 more words


Next Adventure: Sugarfina

Have you ever followed someone on Twitter or Instagram and the post a really great food pic? Of course you have.

Have you ever thought, ‘I would really love some of that’? 166 more words


Vegan Nachos

I remember when I first went Vegetarian, I was so scared that I would lose Mexican food. Tacos, Nachos, Burritos, these had always been some of my favorites (as they are for most people), but I was never a big fan of beans which seemed to be the popular ingredient for vegetarian mexican food. 646 more words


Festive Gingerbread Walnut Butter

I absolutely LOVE nut butters- on rye bread, in a smoothie, on a spoon…YUM!

Nut butters are a really simple and delicious way to get all the plant based goodness they provide into your diet, and I personally love to use them as a quick energy/protein boost when on the run, dashing to the gym, or post workout. 159 more words




180gms Goan rice

220gms pyramid jaggery

120 – 130gms freshly grated coconut (1 coconut approx.)

5 cardamoms


1. Clean the rice properly.

2. Now roast the rice in a pan and set aside to cool. 230 more words

Goan Food

Deep Frying Donuts

I’ve had this rational, yet irrational fear with deep frying things. French fries, churros, tempura…The last thing I want is to be scolded by burning hot oil, so I normally go out to buy any fried foods if I’m craving. 215 more words