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Wecyclers: Lagos's incentive-based recycling program helping to stop waste piling up on the streets

Wecyclers is an innovative social enterprise using an incentive-based program to help solve Lagos’s acute waste management problem.

Each week, Wecyclers’ cyclists go round low-income neighborhoods in Lagos, Nigeria to pick up recyclable trash from registered households. 242 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Daily I Ching for Monday 15 October 2018: Ch’ien (The Creative), Hexagram 1

Ch’ien (The Creative), Hexagram 1 – Pure yang power indicates that you are in a good position to achieve your goals by putting them into immediate action.

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Rosa Medea

The race to rescue Mexico's ancient floating farms, chinampas

Chinampas are floating farms whose history pre-dates the Aztecs even. Early Mesoamericans built the floating farms, which provided fertile land for crops, near modern-day Mexico City. 190 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

The EcoGarden: A smart interactive ecosystem to grow your own herbs and veggies indoors

The EcoGarden, a combination of a smart miniature greenhouse and a self-cleaning aquarium, is a smart interactive ecosystem capable of growing a variety of fresh herbs and veggies all year round. 148 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Our Green Future: Activities for children to learn about sustainable living

Our Green Future is a week of daily activities for children to learn all about sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Coinciding with half-term, the events take place at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh from 14-19 October. 25 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Wake up and smell the coffee: What consumers need to be aware of about the story behind that cup of joe

For coffee consumers the world over, that first cup of morning Joe is «heavenly», but behind the scenes and for many coffee producers, their situation is far from «heavenly». 724 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

The Maiyet Collective pop-up hosts "the largest curation of sustainable brands in the UK"

Sustainable luxury fashion brand Maiyet have launched a pop-up store, The Maiyet Collective, showcasing other sustainable and ethical luxury brands who share Maiyet’s approach to fashion. 282 ord igjen

Rosa Medea