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Photographer Mustafah Abulaziz brings insight on the world's relationship to water

Berlin-based photographer Mustafah Abulaziz has spent more than five years exploring the world’s relationship to water.

In what he envisages to be a 15-year project, Mustafah Abdulaziz plans to visit 32 countries to uncover people’s attitudes towards water. 187 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Solar lighting helps school children in Kenya to do homework after school

Solar lighting has been a recent addition for school children on Wasini Island in Kwale county, Kenya – demonstrating how the introduction of sustainable energy can have a huge impact on learning. 117 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Deaf Rave and The Midi Music Company celebrate Make Music Day with free event at Fabric

Celebrations on the longest day of the year, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, kick off with a day of free music events.

Make Music Day is an annual worldwide celebration with free music events taking place in venues and public spaces  – from shops to libraries, bandstands to town squares and train stations. 135 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Trash collecting Samurai Warriors spread environmental message across Tokyo

A team of environmentally-conscious Samurai Warriors are helping to make Tokyo dwellers be mindful of their environment think twice before littering the city streets.

Known as Gomihiroi Samurai (“Samurai Who Pick Up Litter”), these individuals dress in traditional samurai garb and pull out some slick moves whenever they spot an errant piece of sidewalk trash. 132 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Dukale's Dream: Documentary charts Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Foundation

When Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman travelled to Ethiopia as an ambassador for World Vision Australia, he went back home having formed a tight bond with a young coffee farmer, working to lift his family out of poverty. 265 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Mammal Mapper app contributing to conservation action

Mammal Mapper, an app created by the Mammal Society, is helping the UK to address the issue of poorly monitored wild mammals including rabbits, hedgehogs and mountain hares. 114 ord igjen

Rosa Medea

Celsious: The eco-friendly laundromat with the planet and wellbeing in mind

Going to the laundromat is not on everyone’s favourite list, but Celsious, a unique laundromat in Brooklyn, is making the experience both eco-friendly and with wellbeing in mind. 97 ord igjen

Rosa Medea