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"This full-blown police state": Israel

Israel is ‘becoming a full-blown police state,’ Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border

  • Mondoweiss Editors
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Yesterday Peter Beinart, the liberal Zionist writer, disclosed that he had been detained at Ben Gurion airport on August 12 for an hour of questioning of his political opinions/activities. 865 ord igjen


No god But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam || Book Review

Book name- No god But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam

Author-  Reza Aslan

Rating-  4/5

In a word, the book was great. It has such a superb writing style that I immediately fell in love with. 644 ord igjen

Book Review

Fired CNN host Reza Aslan unloads on CNN's Jeff Zucker, says his team didn't get paid by the network

Reza Aslan, who hosted Believer on CNN, was right when he claimed every epiosde would piss someone off. He was also later fired for tweeting that President Trump was a «piece of shit» and «a stain on the presidency.» 209 ord igjen


God: A Human History by Reza Aslan - A Review

God: A Human History
Author: Reza Aslan (
Penguin Random House, 2017)
Review by Ahmad Amirali

Nowadays, it seems like people are deserting their religion to the fundamentalists. 1 597 ord igjen


God: A Human History

This post is another in a series on spiritual growth. The post, “The Dunning-Kruger Effect Writ Large” was the first. Should you wonder what posts on spiritual growth are doing in the healthy memory blog, the answer is that this blog advocates growth mindsets, and spiritual growth is one component. 405 ord igjen

Human Memory: Theory And Data

God: A Human History by Reza Aslan

Better and possibly more explanatory than the three Abrahamic holy books.

The Story Of Gethsemane

I sat at the spot where Jesus Christ begged God to not kill him, and I wept.

Well, probably not at the spot. There’s a lot of archeological uncertainty about whether the places in Jerusalem that we connect to the events of Christ’s life are the actual locations, but over the past few centuries millions of pilgrims have made the journey to visit these spots whether they’re legit or not. 2 494 ord igjen