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Life and White Women

Some of the joy in life is derived from being able to be in a moment that most others cannot. I remember being in high school, and anywhere other than school during class hours brought about a special feeling knowing that 99% of people my age were stuck in misery. 167 more words


Back at it.

Time flies, I suppose.

I see that it has been over a year since I posted last, and to my followers (those that have stayed), I owe an apology. 429 more words


That Sinking Feeling

Supergirl’s ratings continue to sink week after week. The biggest problems are superhero fatigue and that the programme is Superman in drag. It’s not a flattering description but it’s painfully apt. 142 more words


Amazing women

I’ve started collecting videos of historical events and people to show to my daughter when she is a bit older. Things like Felix Baumgartner jumping from space, the moon landing, the Berlin Wall falling and Murray winning Wimbledon. 125 more words

New Mum