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December faves so far | Blogmas day 17

Hello guys and welcome to Blogmas day 17!

Today I have for you a VERY VERY VERY random selection of some of my favourite things half way through time this month/end of November. 1 551 ord igjen


Hats are Cool and So is History: Taiyou no Ie (Day 5)

Well, after my beloved site being abducted by Nairne-baka, I’m back with Day 5. Let’s jump right into it!

Taiyou no Ie (Surprisingly spoiler free summary) 896 ord igjen


First blog post

Just ate a whole can of chile verde baked beans.

This is how I have chosen to begin my blog life, don’t judge my first post.


Tea Tin

Celestial Seasonings holiday tea came with the little tea tins this year. Mine found its way into my stitchy box.


Blog Eight (272 words)

The art of persuasion is something that we, as humans, are always using to convince others of our ideologies or beliefs. I find that whenever someone is trying to persuade me they use emotion or charm the most, which doesn’t cut it seeming I am a person who relies on facts, truth and logic. 222 ord igjen