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My heart (your heart)- just a fist sized organ that pumps blood through my(your) body; but, why do I(you) feel so much? Couldn’t my(your) lungs take these overwhelming feelings away? 195 more words


Have You Ever...?

Have you ever had someone in your life that…just made you feel relaxed & tense at the same time ~ both in a good way? 266 more words


First time I try to pen my thoughts...

Yes I am nervous as I try and pen my thoughts….this is the first time I am exposing the million things running through my little mind. 585 more words


Living with Girls (part 2)

Get ready for the dramatics because this is high school drama on steroids that takes place inside the tiny apartment you chose to live in with you’re new best friends. 600 more words



Not being able to sleep has one upside: I noticed immediately when Keiko, our cat, started throwing up. I cleaned it up as well as I could, but will need to vacuum later today… You see, she threw up on the carpet. 25 more words

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