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Shameless Promotion Because I'm Shameless!

Hello there!

First of all, sorry for not posting and interacting with you guys. School has been eating a lot of time in my schedule but I’ll fix my schedule. 112 more words


Tempat Belanja Keperluan Si Kecil

Warning : postingan ini khusus untuk ibu-ibu yang suka belanja hemat saja yah. Gak buat ibu doang sih, berguna juga buat Bapaknya pastinya, hehehe.

Buat ibu-ibu, mamak-mamak, yang punya anak kecil, yang notabene masih nyusu, pasti punya budget khusus untuk belanja susu bulanan si kecil. 676 more words

My Story

Favorite Songs- January 2017♡

Hi everyone so this post is about my favorite songs during this month of January, and although these songs are kind of recent, some of them can be a bit old, however they are still really nice and these are just my opinions; if you want to like comment your favorite songs currently, feel free to, and yeah, hope you find this post helpful! 30 more words



Currently Reading: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and A Storm of Swords (Song of Fire and Ice book 3) by George R.R. Martin

Books Read: 10… 169 more words


January 20th, 2017

If there were ever a day that could go down in the books as being «Katie’s emotional breakdown day» It would be today, between the end of Satans week, and today just being a cluster fuck of horrible events. 829 more words