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My relationship with Social Media

Somewhere in January, I decided that I’m going to ignore Facebook in the weekends. I must say, I enjoy that. First, I don’t have Facebook on my phone. 477 more words


My Move

Hey Dolls. Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve just moved from Joburg to Cape Town and life has been a bit crazy honestly. I planned on doing a fashion review on the Grammy’s but that was over a week ago and honestly the time has passed. 190 more words


Wake Up Call #10

Hey y’all! It’s Monday again! And for some very sad reason, I am not off school for Presidents’ Day this year. Wah!

Anyways, here’s this week’s wake up call. 207 more words

Wake Up Calls


I feel cold in places I shouldn’t
Hurt when there are no wounds

I can see things meant to be hidden
Blind to what most can see… 19 more words


Irrelevant post: I've updated my "About" page.

My About page needed a little bit of a revamp.

I have included some of my publications whilst I’ve been studying at university in there. 26 more words


Be Overwhelmed

I feel like the majority of our lives are so damn basic. We get up, eat the same breakfast, drop off the kids and go to the same job. 143 more words


World's Dawn (11 Hours Played)

As a fan of Stardew Valley maybe it doesn’t surprise anyone that I’d pick up a game llike World’s Dawn. A young farmer moving to a new idyllic village full of lovely people, some singletons too, with a bunch of different activities to make money and get yourself into the heart of the village. 983 more words