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Tafsiir (Quran Interpretation 101)

«Bismallaah Al-Rahman Al-Rahiim» (In the name of God, the most Gracious and the Merciful»): The «Basmala», this is the opening phrase in the Quran, and opens every Surah except for Surah 9, «Al-Tawba» (The Repudiation).* This article will go through some reflections and points on each of the Surah’s. 1 477 ord igjen


Guardians of the Quran - 7

Back in the day, Tafseer was taught and studied in closed circles and those who had no access to the classes were still able to benefit from the books. 210 ord igjen


Tafseer of Surah al-Mutaffifeen

I have uploaded the tafseer notes for Surah al-Mutafiffen.

You can find the links here.

You will need to download the PDFs and open them through a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader. 9 ord igjen


My reading list (November 2018)

I used to gravitate towards my books much more in the past, and when I had less time to read which doesn’t make much sense. It takes me back to times where I was very much living in solitude, and more content with myself, nevertheless my aim is to make it a daily habit again. 200 ord igjen