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Is emotional pain a good reason for assisted suicide?

I have to admit that they have been times in my life where the emotional pain was as bad as the physical pain. sometimes I feel totally isolated from the rest of Society, because of my disability. 97 ord igjen

Decision to Praise God

I finally got my new wheelchair. My friends got together and raised $28,000 to make the purchase. I felt so inspired! I had so much hope that this new wheelchair would alleviate the neck pain that has been dogging me for a few years. 835 ord igjen


Setting up tecla-e for iPhone to control smartphone without hands

Together with assistance I set up a tecla-e bluetooth switch control device so that I could independently use my phone that was attached to my wheelchair. 344 ord igjen


Me before You by JoJo Moyes

Genre: Something different from the ordinary.

Louisa Clark takes life as it comes. She wears striped leggings and colours that don’t go with the demeanors of England. 214 ord igjen


Wheelchair in the Media

Recently I watched the music video for Jason Aldean’s «You Make It Easy» which if you haven’t seen it I recommend you do. Anyway it got me thinking about movies or television shows that feature someone in a wheelchair or «paralyzed» and whether it’s a misconception or a stereotype of sorts. 462 ord igjen


On to the next chapter of his story

So tonight’s post is really just a thank you. In a couple of weeks, my son will no longer be in school and soon to be on to the next chapter in the story of his life. 89 ord igjen


Sometimes I think my life would be easier if I had a penis

The things you have to go through when you’re a non-ambulatory quadriplegic. I needed to get this urine test for my doctor. I did not want to do the usual method of having a straight Cath done at the hospital, because evidently Hamot hospital doesn’t know the correct location to put the catheter. 49 ord igjen