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PST, interest rates negatively impacting Saskatoon builds: report

PST on construction, interest rate increases, and the mortgage stress test are negatively impacting home building permits in Saskatoon, according to a local association.

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First Three Weeks

*This post was written on October 12th*

Being a Peace Corps Trainee is not easy. Our days are filled with two hours of SiSwati lessons, and then hours of training lectures. 743 ord igjen

Economy, healthcare and climate change – Sask. gov't leaders lay out session priorities

Members of the legislative assembly from across Saskatchewan return to Regina on Wednesday for the first day in the third sitting of the assembly’s 28th session. 465 ord igjen


Fall/ Winter Fashion Haul

Tis the season for the chilly weather and vibrant leaves to come. Fall itself is by far my most favorite weather; especially in the PNW. I didn’t necessarily do a huge shopping spree just to have a new Fall/ Winter wardrobe, but I’ve picked up a few things the past couple of months in preparation for the colder seasons to come and there were definitely some items in my wardrobe that had to be switched out. 139 ord igjen

Trip: Boti Falls

Imagine yourself in college. You’ve been working really hard in all your classes and you feel like college is running your whole entire life. You eat, sleep, drink school. 926 ord igjen

Saskatchewan construction permit values see major August to August decline

A million dollar construction contract would result in a $60,000 PST charge in Saskatchewan. That comes after the province added the tax to construction contracts in the 2017 budget. 472 ord igjen



Hram. Village Day. One of the first words I learned from my
PST host family. And one of the words I had a quite a bit of difficulty… 1 541 ord igjen