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All about Pre-Service Training (PST) - Warning, long post!

I would say this was the first time I felt excitement and nervousness at the same time in Mongolia (after leaving home of course).

Many people, included myself, wonder what happens at PST. 1 180 ord igjen


Match made in (UGA) heaven...(and other training updates)

If you’ve been counting the weeks like I have (okay, I know you have better things to do), then you’ll know that it is now week SEVEN of my training and I am over halfway to my swearing-in!!!!! 455 ord igjen


Week 2

As a way to reflect on my time here in Ukraine, I decided to share some things I learned since I’ve been here—specifically one thing for every week I have been in Ukraine. 184 ord igjen


A day in the life of a Trainee - Post PST

I write this about 4 months after swearing in, so it’s definitely possible that I have forgotten some details of the trials and tribulations of PST. 1 053 ord igjen

My Peace Corps Experience

PST Site Visits: Este Viață

Site announcements. The moment every Peace Corps Volunteer has waited for since the moment the applied. Months, if not a year, spent wondering where we might be placed, what our families would be like. 678 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Swearing In

Officially becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer! (On August 10th… I’m super behind on blogging) 557 ord igjen


Pre-Service Training (PST): A Necessary Evil

Now that Pre-Service Training has officially ended, I can breathe a large sigh of relief. For most of the summer, my schedule was as follows: 497 ord igjen

Peace Corps