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Ep 7&8

You may have noticed I changed the name of my site to «under the mango trees». Why, you might ask? It is simply because my future house is surrounded by mango trees!!! 680 ord igjen


Riap-Roi 101: An Introduction to Stylin' in Thailand

Natalie Garro, TESS 129

Good afternoon (morning, evening, night, respectively)! My name is Natalie Garro, and I am an Education Volunteer with Group 129 here in Peace Corps Thailand. 1 596 ord igjen


To All the Volunteers I’ve Yet to Meet*

* Disclaimer: When I was in Fiji, I was able to connect to WiFi and Netflix (for the first time in ONE YEAR) and was able to watch the movie «To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.» The inspiration for this post and its name comes from the movie. 1 263 ord igjen
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Practicum makes perfect / Site Announcements!

What’s new?

Hey friends! So my last post was from a few weeks ago and I shared that I’ve since moved to my Pre-Service Training site in central Macedonia. 355 ord igjen

Peace Corps Macedonia

Exporting Exchange Mailboxes to PST files

As any admin at any company will tell you, you can never really trust anybody that tells you it’s okay to delete something, ever. This holds especially true for email. 630 ord igjen


Swearing In

I never talked about the day I felt my happiest. Swearing in.

It was a bitter-sweet day because I would be leaving my PST
host family, with whom I have grown quite close. 995 ord igjen


Baby it's Cold Outside

Hey y’all,

I didn’t expect Morocco to get this cold so fast. Someone send a raven to Kings Landing because one of the things George Martin got wrong was when winter was coming. 1 179 ord igjen

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