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Trip: Boti Falls

Imagine yourself in college. You’ve been working really hard in all your classes and you feel like college is running your whole entire life. You eat, sleep, drink school. 926 ord igjen

Saskatchewan construction permit values see major August to August decline

A million dollar construction contract would result in a $60,000 PST charge in Saskatchewan. That comes after the province added the tax to construction contracts in the 2017 budget. 472 ord igjen


Ep. 2: the one where I get sick

This week has been a week full of adjustments. I don’t have as many stories as I did last week, but I do know my medical kit very intimately. 500 ord igjen


Access your indexed .NET documents in no time

Most recent release of the .NET document search and indexing API version 18.9 introduces some important feature enhancements. Using this version, programmers can obtain a list of indexed documents and contents from containers such as ZIP archives, OST and PST files. 67 ord igjen


Ukrainian Language Learning

Добрий день!

We are about 3/4 of the way through our pre-service training with Peace Corps. The weather is turning to fall, we have our site placement, and the Ukrainian language is really difficult. 339 ord igjen

Peace Corps Ukraine

How did I become a Scrum trainer?

After an inspiring journey, I reached a milestone in my life; in July 2017, I became a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST). Why did I want to become a PST? 608 ord igjen

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Ep. 1: the one that started it all

This first week has been a whirlwind of adjusting to life and the culture in Zambia. Peace Corps has a cycle of emotions throughout service that they keep showing us, but I think we all have experienced all the ups and downs in one day. 588 ord igjen