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Now being over two thirds of the way through PST, I thought this might be a good time to give a more in-depth look at the PST experience and to reflect a bit. 1 016 ord igjen


Manitoba's PST to be cut back to 7% on July 1

The Pallister government is fulfilling a campaign promise to cut the PST one percentage point, six years after the previous government raised it.

Finance Minister Scott Fielding dropped the provincial budget Thursday, saying they will reduce the PST to seven per cent on July 1. 834 ord igjen


Manitoba to give provincial tax exemption to offset federal carbon levy

Manitoba won’t be charging the provincial sales tax on top of the federal government’s carbon levy that kicks in April 1.

Premier Brian Pallister says it wants to shield Manitobans as much as it can from an increase in the cost to their home-heating bills. 117 ord igjen


End of Week 1

One week down, 107 to go! So far, everything’s been great here in Panamá. My host family is super welcoming, the other trainees are great, and I haven’t gotten sick yet! 687 ord igjen

One Month In

Day 30

We have officially made it one month since I arrived in country. I figured I’d try to do a consistent check in each month I’m here, so let’s get started! 676 ord igjen

Peace Corps Update

Laimėta byla

Turiu jums džiugią žinią!

Mums mūsų namų statytojai išmokėjo kompensaciją už statybų trūkumus. Čia jau džiaugiausi pirmosios instancijos sprendimu. Tai statytojai spėjo ir apeliaciją pateikti, teismas ją atmetė, tada dar pamėginta buvo teikti kasacinį skundą aukščiausiajam teismui – skundas buvo atmestas. 72 ord igjen


Karibuni Sana

Happy February everyone!

As most volunteers are now back from holiday vacations and settling back into village life, changes are beginning to take place. While some volunteers are coming to a close in their service and wrapping things up, having finished their close of service conference in mid-January, others are only rounding the corner of their first year excited to already have half their service under their belt and making many plans for the year underway. 255 ord igjen

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