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The moment I have been waiting for since I submitted my Peace Corps application to Costa Rica over a year ago has finally arrived. You cannot even imagine the suspense myself and Tico 37 felt leading up to the day the program team telling us where we would be living for our two years of service. 645 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Peace Corps Armenia: Lingua Humanis

“Come for a walk with me,” my host sister said. I looked up from my homework.

«Noritz?” I asked. Again? I didn’t catch the quick Armenian the first time. 600 ord igjen


Mortgage stress test, PST continue to affect Saskatoon’s new home market

The mortgage stress test and PST on construction continue to have an effect on new housing construction and sales in Saskatoon, according to a local organization. 397 ord igjen


Pre-Service Training Choose Your Own Adventure

Wondering what I’m up to? Bored and want to fight a goose? Look no further than this entirely autobiographic choose your own adventure blog post! 1 192 ord igjen


How to convert The PST Files To MBOX With Attachments In Just Two Steps

Still wondering how to convert your PST files to MBOX with attachments? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry as we have mentioned the ways to convert the files safely in this blog. 564 ord igjen


A Detailed guide a way to Convert A PST File

The user will store their personal data like contacts, messages, addresses, and attachments within the Outlook with .PST file extension. By using a converter, the user will split oversized PST files into a small PST file. 326 ord igjen


The Holidays of March

Day 81

While we’re already nearly halfway through April, here’s a post I made that got lost during the chaos that is the end of PST. 1 412 ord igjen