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You may find yourself in another part of the world

My first three months in Guinea were consumed by Pre-Service Training, or PST. This was a whirlwind combination of culture shock, language learning, digestive issues, uncontrollable sweating, and making new friends, but we all came out better for it . 463 ord igjen

Ep 10&11: the one where I move

How did we get here so fast? Here I am, sitting in the couch of the prov house, drinking coffee and working on my computer for the first time in three months.  707 ord igjen


Ep 9: thanksgiving

What’s it like the celebrate a significant American holiday in another country? It’s weird. That’s what it is. Zambia obviously does not celebrate thanksgiving, nor do they quite understand it. 481 ord igjen


Ep 7&8

You may have noticed I changed the name of my site to «under the mango trees». Why, you might ask? It is simply because my future house is surrounded by mango trees!!! 680 ord igjen


Riap-Roi 101: An Introduction to Stylin' in Thailand

Natalie Garro, TESS 129

Good afternoon (morning, evening, night, respectively)! My name is Natalie Garro, and I am an Education Volunteer with Group 129 here in Peace Corps Thailand. 1 596 ord igjen


To All the Volunteers I’ve Yet to Meet*

* Disclaimer: When I was in Fiji, I was able to connect to WiFi and Netflix (for the first time in ONE YEAR) and was able to watch the movie «To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.» The inspiration for this post and its name comes from the movie. 1 263 ord igjen
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Exporting Exchange Mailboxes to PST files

As any admin at any company will tell you, you can never really trust anybody that tells you it’s okay to delete something, ever. This holds especially true for email. 630 ord igjen