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Turiu jums džiugią žinią!

Mums mūsų namų statytojai išmokėjo kompensaciją už statybų trūkumus. Čia jau džiaugiausi pirmosios instancijos sprendimu. Tai statytojai spėjo ir apeliaciją pateikti, teismas ją atmetė, tada dar pamėginta buvo teikti kasacinį skundą aukščiausiajam teismui – skundas buvo atmestas. 84 ord igjen


Karibuni Sana

Happy February everyone!

As most volunteers are now back from holiday vacations and settling back into village life, changes are beginning to take place. While some volunteers are coming to a close in their service and wrapping things up, having finished their close of service conference in mid-January, others are only rounding the corner of their first year excited to already have half their service under their belt and making many plans for the year underway. 250 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Gur Gur Bëhet Mur...

Day 18

The title refers to the Albanian saying «Gur gur bëhet mur, mur mur bëhet kalaja» or «Stone by stone you build a wall, wall by wall you build a castle». 1 224 ord igjen


Sask. government increasing municipal revenue sharing by $10M

The Saskatchewan government is increasing revenue sharing to municipalities by over $10 million in 2019-20.

Premier Scott Moe made the announcement Monday at the annual general meeting of the  424 ord igjen


Norway intelligence service issues Huawei warning

Norway’s intelligence service PST on Monday issued a warning about Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, whose ties to Beijing have sparked security concerns.

«One has to be attentive about Huawei as an actor and about the close connections between a commercial actor like Huawei and the Chinese regime,» the head of Norway’s domestic intelligence unit PST, Benedicte Bjornland, said as she presented a national risk assessment report for 2019. 197 ord igjen

February 1, 2019: H-alpha Solar Observing

One of the very nice benefits of working in a telescope shop is, of course, that you get to play with all the telescopes.  There’s no better way to learn about a scope than to physically put it together, set it up, and then point it out the front window of the shop and look through it to see what it can do.  657 ord igjen


They let me go to Ghana.

It’s crazy to think I’ve only been on Ghana for roughly ten days because it feels like a lifetime so far. All the change in a short period of time has made a few days become both the longest and shortest time. 365 ord igjen