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Conference Presentations

Thank you for taking an interest in my research.  This page is designed to give you a quick overview of some of my previous and upcoming conference presentations.  1 490 ord igjen


Yet more reluctant oratory

The Occasional Orator Part 3 – another exciting episode in my series of ESET articles for people who haven’t been able to avoid making presentations. 12 ord igjen


10 Things - week 3

10 Things – week 3

Welcome to week 3 after a hopefully enjoyable weekend.  This week we’ll cover presentation and meeting tools.

We hope you enjoy trying these out and find them a good alternative to tools you may already be using such as PowerPoint.

C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar

C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to nurses, physicians or other allied health care members

I was given a great opportunity to present on a topic for nurses and nursing students. 85 ord igjen

Procedure Logs

Week # 3 Blog post - Marketing Sherpa blog summarized.

Week # 3 Blog post – Marketing Sherpa blog “How to structure a Story in a Presentation.” summarized.

Hello, for this assignment we were to find, read and summarize one research article from either the Marketing Sherpa site or the Pew Internet & American Life site. 556 ord igjen


C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists (TWO of which must be case presentations)

Indications for DAPT Post-CABG (Final)

My case presentation during my cardiology rotation was on indications for DAPT post-CABG. This topic was chosen/inspired by a discussion during clinical huddle with the pharmacy team at RCH. 274 ord igjen

Procedure Logs

Alireza Mirghasemi presented his thesis seminar

MASc candidate Seyed Alireza Mirghasemi presented his thesis seminar titled “Fractional-Order Flight Controller for Quadcopter Subjected to Ground Effect” last Friday. Supervisor Professor Dan Necsulescu was in attendance for the presentation. Congrats, Alireza!