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In Case You Missed It

Right, so you may have noticed a slight dip in post output last week. To be honest, after the ridiculously long weekend I had with travel and then the craziness of work, I made the mentally sound decision to deliberately cut back on my blogging commitment for the week. 881 ord igjen


Broken mirrors

It’s not the same for everybody. Whatever might trigger something inside you does not necessarily trigger something inside them.

You see, when you pressed your cheek so naturally against mine, because the place was loud and we had to talk close to each other, that meant for me. 1 063 ord igjen


Zombies and the Shared Sensorium

I have studied immersive phenomena over the years, and still am fascinated by what Finnish language so aptly catches with the idiom “Muissa maailmoissa” (literally: “in other worlds” – my dictionary suggests as an English translation “away with the fairies”, but I am not sure about that). 356 ord igjen

Game Studies

Najdraža crvena boja / Favorite red color

Dobar dan dragi moji čitatelji. Još jedna nedjelja… pomalo tmurna, ali opraštamo joj sve, jer je dan za odmor, za gledanje filmova, za obiteljski ručak, jer je nedjelja. 221 ord igjen

Daily inspiration

«Being Mercy itself, the Lord is constantly forgiving a person’s sins; but sins cling to a person no matter how much they suppose them to have been forgiven. 23 ord igjen

Divorce in the Digital World

For many people, divorce means the end of a relationship and limited future contact with a former spouse. However, for partners with children, a romantic relationship can end but parenting is forever. 621 ord igjen


CUPW requests mediator as deadline for Canada Post offer expires without deal

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers issued a request Saturday for the federal government to appoint a mediator in its contract talks with Canada Post, as it rejected the Crown corporation’s latest offers. 247 ord igjen