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swam under the ice
pushed whole lakes with my palms
now my fire has died

From my books Bohemian Scents and Riverthink 7 ord igjen


Now you can hear me read poetry

After many months of unavailability on Thursday nights, I was finally able to go along to the monthly spoken word event Words Out Loud. I closed the night with three of my poems – «Light Pollution», «Add Smile, Hit Send», and «Here, Nights». 76 ord igjen


Left me incomplete

What can I say?

There was something in the breeze of that night

First, it completes me

And then left me incomplete…………..


Scream within Silence

Someone called it puddle-jumping

I wanted to believe it to be so;

But it seems more like jumping over the sea

Still on my way, trying to cross, struggling midway; 94 ord igjen


At this point, I knew that you would gave me the “I do not give a single fuck” glare. Along with the gulped, I managed to explain how much it hurt hoping that you would understand. 247 ord igjen


“The moons and the
..seas and skies of a
..blind man’s dream,

..the music made by
..rasping a calloused
..nail against a lover’s side, fleet cars’ 83 ord igjen


freak for it

I’m a freak
I must confess
Inside my head
Is quite a mess
I like to watch
Those famous boys
Sing and dance
And make some noise… 40 ord igjen