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Brave, I know-

To write of love.

This word we overuse.

And cowardly of others who

This sentiment, abuse.

And sought have I, another way… 107 ord igjen



beauty hath evermore held prerogative and grace

to reconcile man’s mind and attract his will to it

where yet hath been none such opportunity offered me… 48 ord igjen


Glass Heart

This is a bit of free verse. My first. So tell me if it's any good.

The glass, once whole, is now shattered and sparse… 51 ord igjen



Poochh lete voh bas mijaaz mera,

Kitna aasaan tha ilaaj mera.


Meri manzilon ko khabar karo.

Mujhey raaston ne thaka diya.

Unexpected Meeting on Escalator

Our eyes meet again in one brief
moment is a teardrop in a downpour.
I see an instant panic on your face,
hurriedly washed away. 90 ord igjen


Tenuous Life

How tenuous is life
disaster avoided
by a hair’s breadth
or our world tumbled
in a breath

So precious is each moment
often needlessly squandered… 52 ord igjen