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Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite # 483

I’m so glad that it never
occured to me-
To pursue the career, of
a keyboard bully.



Just Beyond The Horizon

Dear Light At The End Of The Tunnel,
You are ..
Beautiful shining need
Deeply moving comfort in darkness
Off in the distance, visual kindness… 98 ord igjen

Three Things Required To Become A Doctor (2008)

1. A degree.

2. Some type of bedside manner.

3. The ability to wash their hands.
Fines will be awarded to those hands that aren’t clean- 12 ord igjen



Dear Inspiration,
With full extent of Heaven
Without instrumental accompaniment
A love song at dawn, softly sung by you,
The way shine and warmth of the sun greet. 178 ord igjen

I've Got Me (No Thanking You)

Do more for me

Than what you keep

Imagining and claiming

Then maybe I’ll see need to

Recognize you

As more than a delirious fool