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I am who I am

Dedicated to my beloved daughter ♥
I included in this song sounds from the last Saturday, when me and my daughter were returning home after a beautiful walk in the meadow. 84 ord igjen


stragglers: haiku

still in November

geese fly low over the road

some depart in V’s


©️2018 Ontheland


I will paint you black

I suffer every single day

There is nothing that will take the pain away

I exist in my own hell

What I feel inside

Know one will ever know… 55 ord igjen


A Second Chance

Sharing a place

Is the peaceful price

You pay for

Not being nice.

A wedding ring

Is not the thing

For those in a rush… 22 ord igjen


Teresa Russell

«All I wanted to do was to have some fun”

A shout to the mind statement

Drinking and pleasure don’t mix at 16

Only 10 minutes of so called «love» 47 ord igjen


Each Line Spells Love

Praying that you’re the one

Although for them, you’re just someone

Undecided thoughts from everyone around

Like it is their life, but they do not know the feeling that I have found… 26 ord igjen