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5 years of Almost

(giGiL c aCqUo bez. gagO ka hahahaha)

It began with the very first text

After the many times of nonstop telephone calls

The very first invite… 417 more words


Tell things you never told

Speak the words and be bold

Don’t be afraid to let it out

Free yourself from doubts

Question things you don’t understand… 84 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

We’ll play with words,

pretending to misunderstand the

intentions. And then we’ll want to touch

one another, to disappear within each others… 33 more words



I miss those
long kisses
we used to
I’d give
to have them
back again.

© Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty

My friend

With heart I share

a sky to tuck

your rhymes in

to gaze at when

your thoughts begin

to be inspired.

With heart open

begin another day… 12 more words


I never meet you

I seldom talk to you

I ever chat with you

I still know a bit about you

At the moment,

I remember something… 44 more words


I am afraid

Afraid of what?

My future

I don’t know

What will I do ?

Who knows

A poem is made by Edward Ivan F