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When I

When all the world was

empty, there was only


When I couldn’t forget

the pain,

there was only you.

When I

couldn’t see, I… 10 more words


I Just Don't Know

I just don’t know of how and why

We’re being linked but were just good friends

My response to the situation, awkward as it is… 240 more words

Personal Stuff

Release Me

Death won, a changeling born.  Soulful regret, together they mourn.  In loves embrace, hidden sorrow.  An oath taken, she dies tomorrow.


self destruction

by loving you

i lost myself

i’ve forgotten what i used to think about

before you took over my mind

like a disease

i hope that after this pain has subsided… 29 more words


For Nothing

People don’t value things they get for nothing, that’s an unfortunate fact.

Or so I say, would you pay to see me act?

Would you give oxygen to a smothering man, would he say thank you, would he be your fan? 66 more words


Haiku #1

Tragic, really is

Unheroic, shunned by them

Crushed. Tomorrow… Where?