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Sitting On A Boat

Two people sat on a boat (I don’t know who they are) in a harbour (I don’t know where it is), a long time ago (I don’t know exactly when). 9 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Turning Up The Prince Of Wales

This little albumen carte-de-visite of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (who was later to become King Edward VII) turned up in a job lot of old Victorian prints I bought the other week. 41 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Who Is Crossing The North Sea?

One of the most difficult challenges with old photograph albums is identifying the albums creator, as – by definition in those pre-smart phone days – the photographer rarely features in the photographs themselves. 68 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Northern Capitals 16 : Arrival In Oslo

The caption under this photograph states «Oslo and the SS City Of Nagpur from the mountains». The camera lens clearly was not up to the challenge: either that or the ship has sunk beneath the sepia waves. 35 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

A group pose for a picture – their identity and the location has long since faded into obscurity. Wherever they are, they are caught between a rock and a hard place, with the sun shining down

Pictures From Nowhere

First Cousin To An Impression

Unknown Man On A Hill (1920s)

The older the photo, the less detail it conveys, the more dust and scratches it has acquired: all of these often conspire together to lift a photographic image to another level, so it becomes first cousin to an impression.

Pictures From Nowhere

Clinging To The Mast

Clinging To The Mast – Unknown Man On A Boat  (1930s)

Whoever he is, he doesn’t exactly look happy to be at sea. And why is he balanced on the edge of the boat, clinging to the mast?

Pictures From Nowhere