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86 Years On The Prom

This is Fred and Hazel walking along the promenade in August 1932 (there are people out there who will recognise which promenade it is, and – in the great traditions of the internet – will tell me). 82 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

From Your Old Friend

How this particular photograph found its way into my collection, I have no idea. I do, however, know who it is a photograph of, and that is George Grayham. 50 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Mary The Munitionette

Studio Postcard of Unknown Woman : The only clue to the identity of this woman is a dedication on the reverse, «From Mary». The uniform she is wearing suggests that she was a munitions worker in World War I – one of the almost 1,000,000 women who went into the factories of Britain to make arms and armaments. 10 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

The Last Afternoon At Sea

Over the last couple of months I have been slowly scanning my way through a 1925 photograph album I bought on a second hand stall. Entitled «Cruise To The Northern Capitals of Europe on the SS City of Nagpur, July-August 1925«, the album contains over 50 sepia photographs our unknown photographer took on a cruise to Denmark and Norway. 98 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Instantaneous Sadness

There is a sadness about this woman of two centuries ago. It is as though the instantaneous camera of Mr. William Colton Pearson has captured her in a moment of doubt: not quite knowing what awaits in the new century that lies just around the next bend of Manchester Road.

Pictures From Nowhere

They Sailed Away

I can’t decide whether this couple posed for this photograph or whether they were actually asleep and a companion got his or her smartphone out and took a quick picture that would make a fine profile picture on Facetwit or the like. 60 ord igjen

Pictures From Nowhere

Art Finished In Penmaenmawr

This delightful print, which I suspect dates back to the 1870s, came into my hands for a few pence via an eBay job lot of old photographs. 112 ord igjen

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