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Monochrome Composition 69

Subject: Street Lamp

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono with Light Adjustment

Location: Woodward Ave, in Detroit’s Necklace District


Raptors are larger birds, such as Hawk, Eagles, Falcons, Owls, and Kites etc. the so-called Birds of Prey. They have strong talons and beaks to hunt their prey in a flash. 191 ord igjen


South of the Liffey - Temple Bar

Across the road from the park entrance were four horse-drawn carriages so as I love horses I went over to say hello to them. The ponies were all standing patiently waiting for customers ; the black one obligingly lifted his head and posed for me while I snapped his photo and the one at the back made me smile as he was dressed for Christmas complete with reindeer horns on his head. 1 082 ord igjen

Midnight Caller

The medley of voices is back again, howling across the way. Somehow his distinct vernacular makes its way through the emptiness. Nighttime is always too hot to close the windows, and the snoring body beside me hasn’t noticed the sounds. 244 ord igjen