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Ilva - Video der Eröffnung in der Henrichshütte Hattingen

Wir freuen uns sehr über den Video den Claus Juergen Barteczko von ENTEtainment Filmproduktion RuhrkanalNEWS erstellt hat. Hier der Link zu Vimeo:

Die Wiege der europäischen Hüttenindustrie steht in der Toskana. 71 ord igjen

Security Guard Confirms He Was the 'Ghost' Watching a Boy Ride a Bike

Alex Warren, a security guard, has confirmed that he was the figure widely claimed to be a ghost watching over a young boy riding his bike in Devon, England — exactly the explanation hypothesised here on the Dark Fragment only a week ago! 99 ord igjen


It's Been Busy...

MrsGF had last week off so we took some time to go wandering around in between getting caught up with chores and gardening. We headed down to Fond du Lac, a small city on the southern end of Lake Winnebago. 495 ord igjen


People in Odd Places

For Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

My take on Cee’s photo prompt this week struck me as «people is odd places» so this is what I came up with. 22 ord igjen


recommendation for a Canon telephoto lens

I use an APS-C body for nature photography, so what I’m after the most is the reach and sharpness. Currently I have a Canon 55-250 IS STM. 70 ord igjen