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Poem Up at The Hamilton Stone Review

My poem «Letter to Schwaner from the Toad-Swallowed Moon» has been published at The Hamilton Stone Review. Much gratitude to editor Roger Mitchell for taking this piece.


Lessons from the forest: cross-roads, flow and beauty in death

I sit writing from the heart of Grunewald Forest, on the outskirts of Berlin. Personally, I am at a point of cross-road: having travelled for many months, I recently booked a return flight to the place which I call home, the large, far-away island of Australia. 507 more words

How easy is easy?





Fragile Umanità | Festival Mimesis 2017 "Navigazioni"

23-28 OTTOBRE / Udine
IVª edizione, a cura di Luca Taddio
Un’iniziativa dell’Associazione Culturale Territori delle idee
in collaborazione con Mimesis Edizioni

Al via la quarta edizione del “Festival Mimesis”, evento interamente dedicato alla divulgazione umanistica e scientifica, organizzato in collaborazione con l’associazione culturale “Territori delle Idee” e con il patrocinio del Comune di Udine e della regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 99 more words


Come together and grow

Let me be the pleasure reaching through you

Touching and toying with sensual intent.

Let me be the one who raises your passionate ardour

Making your body writhe, twist, ache yet melt. 40 more words


Go Faster Rant!

Hurry up! Fucking go! Come on! Go go go. Drive drive drive. It’s the fucking pedal on the right! Stomp on that fuck!

Okay, why don’t people go? 542 more words


Voyage of discovery

She felt the hot breath on her neck

And the hand on her firm pert behind

As it stroked and felt it’s way.

In the darkened room… 344 more words