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The Universe: can you Create Something with Nothing?

I remember being around the age of 7, sitting in the passenger’s seat of the car with my dad in McDonald’s drive-through on 120th street and Colorado Boulevard. 414 ord igjen


Watch "Steely Dan - Do It Again" on YouTube

No rights owned, but mad homage.

Steely Dan. An epiphenomenon. Even if you dont like their tone, check out their namesake and a bit of trivia. 14 ord igjen


Been Conversing with the Devil, you say?

Our future relies on what we do & say today,
what we keep & what we give away,
playing harmless head games amongst ourselves
passing time in a most peculiar way… 157 ord igjen


Is There Power In Numbers?

There is an old Russian proverb that goes, “Один в поле не воин.”  In English I’ve seen that translated as, “there is safety in numbers” and as “it takes two to tango.”  Neither of them is really all that close to the original which means in essence that one person in a field doesn’t make a warrior. 273 ord igjen

No matter how traumatic the end of a relationship may be,...

«No matter how traumatic the end of a relationship may be, the good always
outweighs the bad. If you learned in this relationship what not to do in the… 46 ord igjen


Episode #20 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!

Episode #20 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!  Me and Doc interview Johnny Suarez, a practitioner of functional medicine—a field that’s focused on well-being at all levels of life, not just trauma prevention/recovery—but if that isn’t cool enough, we also discuss existence and some trippy philosophical shiz.  321 ord igjen