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“Life is filled with abstractions, and the only way to make heads or tails of it is going through intuition.” David Lynch: Director, writer and producer of the greatest movie ever made-Eraserhead

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Fall Tattoo

Leaves make dark tattoos

on the sidewalk where tales whirl,

lose vim, and vanish.




NO DOUBT WEARY OF QUESTIONS about the secret of his photographic technique, the late Lars Tunbjork once told an interviewer, «I try to take photos like an alien», a statement which strikes me as the perfect description of the shooter’s viewpoint. 326 ord igjen


RDP Sunday: MUG

I’m really thinking we need a way to serve common sense in a mug to many people these days. Just reading news, and I’m floored. Just floored.

RDP Sunday: MUG

Daily Living

Sunday Trees 366

I love how the colors make this tree trunk stand out.

Sunday Trees 366

Daily Living

Recognize the Sacred

You are surrounded by the sacred

For all of creation is sacred.

Every moment in time,

Every interaction,

Every breath you take is sacred.

An expression of the Divine. 656 ord igjen

Quiet Teachers

Do You Blurt Out While Someone is Talking?

Communication does not come easy. Some people listen to respond which leaves the person who is excited to be heard feeling disregarded and deflated. Sometimes we forget that the words of someone speaking are as important and valuable as the words we can’t keep from blurting out of our own mouths. 120 ord igjen