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Limit Your "Likes." - The Secret to Gaining a Following

It’s been amusing inside the «Affiliate Marketing» tags group, to say the least.
The past few days I’ve managed to share my secrets with everyone yet, a large percentage are failing to grasp the material. 706 ord igjen


On Finding My Dream Because YOLO

How does one determine one’s dream job and why does it matter?


Good day, folks! (Yes, I’m playing with my opening line today. Usually it’s just “greetings ladies and gentlemen!” but I want to embrace experimentation) 2 149 ord igjen


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It Sucks To Be a Human.

Sometimes it sucks to be a human.

If you see it from the perspective that we live in a body that needs daily maintenance, that for sure is getting old, that it is going to be sick sometimes, it is going ache and for sure, it is going to die, you may think that being a human sucks, big time. 255 ord igjen


Compassion: Connecting with the right people at the right time about the right issue.

Life is often described as a journey. While on a journey, you will experience different seasons. Some good, some more than good, others are experiential while others are simply nostalgic and still others you don’t want to remember. 140 ord igjen


How Self-Gratitude Can Lead to a New Appreciation for Life

Happiness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perception about an individual’s situation decides what aspects of his or her life are enjoyable and which ones need to be changed. 406 ord igjen

Frown Face

It has been few days, and I’m still angry.

It might have been my pride which causes this eternal fire of anger to spark and burns bright. 65 ord igjen

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