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Namaste Nepal!


In case you didn’t know, I recently joined the United States Peace Corps and will spend the next 27 months in Nepal, working in the agricultural sector as a Food Security Volunteer. 988 ord igjen


Filming Gatorade Commercial and Lyft


I’ve decided to rent through and drive for Lyft. I pick it up next week. This will be the first time I have a car in Miami. 1 006 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Tsagaan Sar: Lunar New Year

After circling the ovoo three times with his offerings, the man looked back upon his village. He unscrewed the red coca-cola cap to the bottle that he now used for milk, and thrusted the bottle forward. 784 ord igjen


a $7 starfish adventure

a few months ago, i was in kenya. we had a 10 year peace corps reunion. it was the first time that we had all been together since we left zambia and was an amazing get-together. 684 ord igjen


Morocco: Memories of Peace Corps

The morning that I departed for Lisbon, Portugal I had one of those infamously timed dentist appointments. I am an early riser by nature, but a dentist appointment on the morning that you leave for a six month international trip would make anyone anxious. 1 573 ord igjen

Mongolia's Lunar New Year, Tsaagan Sar (6 Months In)

Tl;dr- I woke up before dawn, ate SO much food, unfortunately got food poisoning, received a bounty of gifts, visited approximately 30 homes and wished everyone inside a happy new year, and probably was kissed by 50+ older strangers in the process. 2 354 ord igjen

Momentous Moments

Leaving My Mark

Every Peace Corps volunteer wants to leave their mark. Some write grants for projects. Others enable their counterparts to adopt new skills. What’s my mark? 153 ord igjen