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a journal entry: 16 & 17 oct 2008

This is just a ‘regular’ day in the village. I’m going to write longer blog posts about a few things that I’ve mentioned in this journal entry. 155 ord igjen


Work, Home, and Recreation: Y3-W4

Mid-October 2016

Hygiene relay

Match the hygiene item with the area of the body

Jovie flirting with «Giene» the hygiene dummy

We asked students to «draw the puberty changes»…some results were interesting. 385 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Apple Picking & Pumpkin Plăcintă

October 15, 2018

How is it already mid October? I have been at site for 2 months. I have been in Moldova for 4.5 months. The last month has flown by. 715 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Meet Country Director, Gene Nixon

Gene Nixon, Country Director of Peace Corps Thailand

I was invited to submit an introductory message upon my (re)arrival to PC/Thailand.

As you know I was a former PCV in Thailand; I was right out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a reluctance to enter the job market. 501 ord igjen


Getting Lost in the Flow

School here is a little different than in the States. On the first day, the school had the First Bell Ceremony. The entire class gathered in front of the school. 226 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Are you there?

So a follow up.

I was not sad to leave home. Actually I was all too ready to leave…. I think that was a little of a relief on my parents part even though I’m sure they wanted me to show a little more emotion. 833 ord igjen


Today I had a unique and fun experience. With my host family, I was invited to eat at my host mom’s friend’s house. I was excited to get to see someone else’s house and to reconnect with this lady, as I had met her on several occasions. 514 ord igjen