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Comparing Cultures: Time

Cuz I’ve got too much *clap clap*

Time on my hands…

Things move slowly in Botswana—slowly enough that not only does slow and steady not win the race, but there is no race in the first place. 922 ord igjen

Peace Corps

How Can I Help?

I meant to post this in December and I don’t remember what happened… I got busy… but it’s still important and relevant so here it is! 556 ord igjen

Peace Corps

Bonus question from 6eme A and D Quiz 2

Draw a classroom furniture

*for the record there is a picture of a ruler down there but they didn’t get points because technically a ruler is a classroom object

Peace Corps Biia

Error 807 - Life in Pause

Preparing for the Peace Corps has been a surreal experience. If you happened to ask me if I was ready to leave in the weeks leading up to my departure, I said simply, «No». 908 ord igjen


The 111 Books I read in Peace Corps

The 111 Books I Read in Peace Corps

In the last 746 days, just over two years, I’ve read 111 books. This averages to one book every 6.72 days, so just about one a week. 3 690 ord igjen

Monday in a Picture - Tibi Tendlu

In 2016, a documentary premiered in Swaziland. It featured Swazis talking about Tibi Tendlu (pronounced tee-bee ten-jlu), or family dirt, including child abuse and gender based violence. 107 ord igjen


Becoming Bai Dtong

Zari Havercome, 130 YinD

Hi peeps, my name is Zari (phonetically sounds like Zarry) and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Group 130. Some of my peers have recently shared their experiences with our Pre-Service Training (PST) and I have had very similar, if not identical, experiences as them. 994 ord igjen