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Talking Turkey

I ate Thanksgiving turkey twice on Thursday — first when I usually eat breakfast, then for dinner.

The early meal was for a television story on TVR Moldova explaining our holiday to viewers across Moldova and Romania. 476 more words

The 2017 Permet Drama Camp: Part 2

In the middle of the week, the other volunteers and I continued to hold rehearsals (some more successful than others), and we also attended the Marathon of Singers, a huge musical performance in the center of town! 826 more words

From the @whatisKirbydoing Instagram: November 24, 2017 at 10:55AM

They roasted a pig; I chowed on a rib. #Thanksgiving #Thankful #ThanksGlenda #g14strong #HowiSeePC #Swaziland #Africa
Photo by Tammy


Death in a Village

I had the chance to meet Mere a couple month ago while I was out visiting a friend. Mere was an impossibly old bed-ridden woman. The strength of her voice struck a strong juxtaposition to her fragile frame. 1 270 more words

Peace Corps

Nyumba Yangu

I have no idea how it has already been almost 1 month since my last post, I swear it feels like it was yesterday! Sorry! Anyway, I know I’ve posted pictures of my house here and there, but I wanted to make a post just dedicated to my house and the small things I have been doing to fix it up and make it more «homey.» 598 more words

Peace Corps

Project Design and Management

Part of my job at Bohol Island State University (BISU) involves helping with the organization, planning, and execution of programs for the grant students.  November’s sessions were meant to be about gender-based violence prevention and healthy relationships but, after our program date was moved around a few times, our guest speakers from Cebu were unable to make the final chosen date of the program. 492 more words

Peace Corps

Thrift Store Finds: Clothes I bought in Vanuatu 

Here are some clothes I purchased while in Vanuatu at the second-hand shops.

This is a Nike athletic top with a wrap skirt. In my school this is acceptable to wear. 120 more words