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Ukrainian Language Learning

Добрий день!

We are about 3/4 of the way through our pre-service training with Peace Corps. The weather is turning to fall, we have our site placement, and the Ukrainian language is really difficult. 339 ord igjen

Peace Corps Ukraine

Week 4

  1. It’s ok to pretend you don’t understand Ukrainian if you don’t feel safe or you feel uncomfortable or you just don’t feel like it
  2. It’s ok to be rude if you don’t feel safe or you feel uncomfortable …
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Pre-Service Training

On October 25th we will be sworn-in as official Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and will move to our site in Ukraine (location TBA). The period from now until then is known as Pre-Service Training (PST) and we are known as trainees, not volunteers. 615 ord igjen

Peace Corps Ukraine

First Impressions

We have been in Ukraine now for a couple weeks. Upon arrival in country we spent the first week in Irpin, learning the basics of Peace Corps service in Ukraine, then moved in to our homes for the next 2 months with our host families in Zhytomyr. 399 ord igjen

Peace Corps Ukraine

Trains from Kyiv

A short video of the train stations I was in and trains I rode, on my trip from Kyiv to Novoukrainka.


Peace Corps Ukraine

Week 2

As a way to reflect on my time here in Ukraine, I decided to share some things I learned since I’ve been here—specifically one thing for every week I have been in Ukraine. 184 ord igjen