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Service Week Fourteen [Two thousand more five minutes]

[Sunday note to email subscribers: My internet is not happening so neither are the photos, gifs, videos, or hours of thoughtful editing. I will freshen up this post after publishing if you want to read from the live link Monday or Tuesday. 796 ord igjen

Peace Corps Peru

Checking In With Me

Apparently I have been in country for one year. If it weren’t for the social media accounts of the other volunteers in my group, I probably would not have known. 732 ord igjen


A Lesson Learned: Food Autonomy

In August  I moved out of my host family’s house and into my own apartment. I made the decision to move out for a number of reasons. 1 005 ord igjen


Service Week Thirteen [Nothing but Vent]

Don’t worry. Everything is totally goat cheese:

One-sentence summary: Growing / cohabitation / cultural learning pains at host-family home; on text-belay with co-volunteers; circling the wagons (read: active procrastination) for a deadline building a community diagnostic presentation; located gas station tortilla chips and salsa; a successful full-hour phone conversation in Spanish; my first Peruvian friend-date; cultural adjustment fatigue at month three of service; and finally self-care: an escape to the low-jungle (selva bajo) for personal time, reflection, and a long overdue recharge.

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Peace Corps Peru

Birds in my stomach

It has been exactly 3 days since my arrival to Peru. I will do my best to depict what I felt a few days before I left to Peru and when I first arrived. 619 ord igjen

Naked Earth

What has grown now travels along

Plants turn to money but labor never stops too long


The earth looks naked but far from cold

Striped in lines new roots take hold… 15 ord igjen