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Week Ten [Los Contrarios]

For those of you reading from home, this was a week of los contrarios. 

Big and small. Near and far. Perpetual isolation and sudden compassion. Nascent screaming and involuntary meditation. 2 108 ord igjen

Peace Corps Peru

Week Nine [Nineteen Daaaays]

You know when you are having a bad day for no particular reason and then you get something as innocuous as a hangnail… and suddenly you also have dysentery, someone warns if you dig a water hole your husband will get cholera, and your oxen died crossing the river? 858 ord igjen

Peace Corps Peru

Week Eight [A Murder Mystery]

The report for Week Eight involves five bags of chickens.

Undead chickens.

Quick re-cap:

  • My name is Jessica Rice. I started the Peace Corps in Peru, March 2018.

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Peace Corps Peru

Rain, rain, go away...

It’s still rainy season here in Perú, that wonderful time of year where anytime from Late November to late April some amount of rain falls upon the Sierra. 708 ord igjen

Peace Corps

A Lesson Learned: Fleas 101

Over the course of my service, I have had the unfortunate reality of being both the roommate and victim of fleas. To be quite honest, fleas are commonplace for community I live in. 1 410 ord igjen


High Season in Huaraz

Since we arrived in Ancash as new volunteers the presence of other gringos was obvious. They can even be seen in my smaller provincial capital of Yungay.  700 ord igjen


Week Seven [Chins Up, Vest Up]

Fifty four days in. Ahhh… I remember when I was just shy of 27 days in-country! How I have emotionally brined in these last few… whodoyouthinkIamkidding each day still feels like one whole month and I am swimming upside down in a fishbowl, stuck hearing underwater. 1 463 ord igjen

Peace Corps Peru