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The Honor and Glory of Palestine

Muslims were shocked when the President of the United States declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is a Holy City which has been contested by the three monotheistic religions, namely: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 509 ord igjen


UN Officials Reaffirm that Forcible Transfers are In Breach of Geneva Convention

IMEMC News & Agencies | January 23, 2019

After visiting the Palestinian Sabbagh family, who is facing eviction from its home, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, for the benefit of Israeli settlers, United Nations and other officials have again warned that forced eviction and transfer of Palestinians are a breach of Fourth Geneva Convention.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

In letter, Palestinian Authority asks US to drop all remaining aid

Press TV – January 23, 2019

The Palestinian Authority (PA) says it will refuse American aid in its entirety after Washington cut humanitarian funds to Palestinians, adding that accepting such help could carry unwelcome legal consequences for the Ramallah-based administration.

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United States

The moral travesty of Israel seeking Arab, Iranian money for its alleged Nakba

The Great March of Return of the Palestine people, Land Day, March 30, 2018.


The game is afoot. Israel, believe it or not, is demanding that seven Arab countries and Iran pay $250 billion as compensation for what it claims was the forceful exodus of Jews from Arab countries during the late 1940s. 1 057 ord igjen


Palestine group wins UK High Court battle over ‘terrorist’ label

MEMO (January 21) – In a blow to Israel, a British high court has ordered World-Check, a subsidiary of Reuters, to pay compensation and offer an apology to a pro-Palestine organisation listed as a terrorist group on its global online database. 1 017 ord igjen


UN General Assembly charades offer publicity stunts but nothing for Palestinians

While speculation about Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s speech to the UN General Assembly continues, the trends unfolding on the sidelines are indicative of increasing restrictions, to the point that it will no longer be plausible to claim the UN podium to make the case for Palestinian rights. 169 ord igjen


The blocking of Palestinian rights at an international level is endorsed by the PA

As the UN General Assembly meeting approaches, the entire international community is engaged in a collective spectacle discussing the obsolete two-state compromise as the only way forward for Palestinians. 193 ord igjen