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Bill Warnock: Boss, Mentor & Friend

With all the negative harassment-in-the-workplace stories out there, I feel blessed to have worked with amazing male leaders who empowered me to be the best me I could be. 1 246 ord igjen


A blow for antiracism, anti-imperialism and socialism!

Thank you, comrade Serwotka, newly elected president of TUC, for speaking out against Israel and their stooges, and for Palestinians, LP members and the wider movement.   1 086 ord igjen

Anti Racism

Applying the ‘triple A’ framework in Pakistan and Palestine: what we learnt about implementing reform

Guest blog written by Albert Pijuan and David Hoole

86 development practitioners at OPML have successfully completed the 15-week Practice of PDIA online course over the past two years. 1 217 ord igjen


Another Andalus ● Andalusun Ukhra

Title: andalusun ukhra (Another Andalus) أندلس أخرى
Composer: Yusuf Al-Qardawi يوسف القرضاوي
Munshid: Khalid Barakaat خالد بركات

Lyrics and Translation

أفلسطينا أم أندلسا في البوسنة نشهدها بأسى 415 ord igjen

English Translations

Sunday 22 September 1918 We Lost 652

British forces seize passages of Jordan north of the Dead Sea and close the enemy’s last means of escape, 25,000 prisoners and 260 guns are taken.  289 ord igjen

Royal Navy

In spite of how contemporary intellectuals tend to perceive Zionism depending upon their personal affiliations and individual inclinations, irrespective of the various known versions of this rather modern creed, and regardless of the assortment of interpretations presented as an argument by proponents of each, the truth of the matter is mankind has not furnished and […]

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