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Macq01 earns top travel accolade

{«contentType»:»NEWS_STORY»,»id»:{«value»:»f385b2cbcb94456d21b85a59f4cfae7b»,»link»:»https:\/\/\/content\/v2\/f385b2cbcb94456d21b85a59f4cfae7b»},»originId»:»c64636fc-61ab-11e8-afe7-3c30b778739f»,»origin»:»METHODE»,»channel»:»WEB»,»title»:»Macq01 earns top travel accolade»,»subtitle»:»Award adds another chapter to Tasmania\u2019s Macq01 storytelling hotel»,»description»:»

THE accolades for Hobart waterfront hotel Macq01 keep pouring in, with the latest honours naming it best Large Hotel of the Year and a awarding a laurel for the Best Minibar from Gourmet Traveller magazine.«,»link»:»https:\/\/\/link\/f385b2cbcb94456d21b85a59f4cfae7b»,»paidStatus»:»PREMIUM»,»originalSource»:»Mercury»,»creditedSource»:»Mercury»,»subscriptionSummary»:»THE accolades for Hobart waterfront hotel Macq01 keep pouring in, with the latest accolade naming it best Large Hotel of the Year and a laurel for the Best Minibar by Gourmet Traveller magazine.The awards are part of the annual Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide, which features the nation\u2019s Top 50 Best Hotels.»,»originalAssetId»:»4aed51be-6185-11e8-95b3-0cbed6e646bc»,»version»:»PUBLISHED»,»dateUpdated»:»2018-05-27T23:15:12.000Z»,»dateLive»:»2018-05-27T22:00:00.000Z»,»customDate»:»2018-05-27T22:00:00.000Z»,»dateCreated»:»2018-05-27T08:09:35.000Z»,»status»:»ACTIVE»,»thumbnailImage»:{«contentType»:»IMAGE»,»id»:{«value»:»1fd73747b18c2dee267517c9207065d2″,»link»:»https:\/\/\/image\/v1\/1fd73747b18c2dee267517c9207065d2″},»originId»:»crop-f68952372d68eee93d8907abfaa98f4a»,»origin»:»METHODE»,»title»:»Gourmet Awards MACq1″,»subtitle»:»bf84d584-617f-11e8-979f-f34ab4f39eee»,»description»:»EMBARGOED UNTIL 8AM MONDAY 28th MAY 2018 MACq1 duty manager Jackson Sutherland and butler Annika Mayer celebrate the hotel winning best hotel and mini bar in Gourmet Traveler. 8 396 ord igjen

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G-B order 2018 triggers protest in Gilgit


Several people were injured as police fired tear gas and resorted to aerial firing in Gilgit on Saturday to stop protesters approaching towards Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) Assembly for a scheduled sit-in against the newly introduced G-B Order 2018. 350 ord igjen

Gilgit Baltistan

China to roll over $500 mn loan to State Bank of Pakistan for one more year

China has agreed to roll over a loan of $500 million that it has placed with the State Bank of Pakistan as Islamabad’s official foreign currency reserves remain in a precarious position despite taking $44 billion in loans in the past five years. 152 ord igjen

‏28مئی کا وہ تاریخی دن

‏28مئی کا وہ تاریخی دن جب اس وقت کے وزیراعظم محمد نوازشریف کے جرأت مندانہ فیصلے کی بدولت پاکستان نے ایٹمی دھماکے کر کے پوری قوم کا سر فخر سے بلند کردیا تھا

Suleman Raheemani: Wohi Khuda Hai

Wohi Khuda Hai is originally sung by the legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and its one of the evergreen Hamd (poetry in praise of God). 10 ord igjen


Jingle Truck

Rom-coms are usually not my first choice of films. So, while browsing the in-flight movie catalogue on a plane last year, I didn’t give The Big Sick a second glance. 930 ord igjen