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World Community endorses Pakistan’s role in protecting human rights

Maleeha Lodhi Says Pakistan has an admirable record of promoting, protecting human rights.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi says Pakistan’s election as a member of UN Human Rights Council with a two-thirds majority is a manifestation of the international community’s trust in Pakistan. 100 more words


Headlines 1100 18th October 2017

Headlines 1100 18th October 2017 QUETTA: At least seven policemen were martyred and 22 others injured in a ‘suspected’ car bombing on Sibi Road within the jurisdiction of Sariab Road police station of Balochistan’s capital city Quetta early on Wednesday morning, ARY News reported.


Nawaz Sharif to address British parliament on Pak-UK relations

  • Rehman Chishti called on Nawaz Sharif to discuss issues like trade security and democratic institutions
  • British MP serves as adviser to PM Theresa May for the promotion of trade relations between the UK and Pakistan…
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#PLBW17 Day-1 Journal

Contains pictures from the first day of #PLBW17 which was opened by GOLD by Reama Malik in collaboration with Wasim Khan, followed by Shamsha Hashwani, Shiza Hassan, and Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio.

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Albatrosses love jelly in the belly

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THE humble jellyfish has been found to be a major source of food for albatrosses which inhabit the Southern Ocean, new research has found.«,»link»:»http:\/\/\/link\/9894be2be77905e781c676c3540dfc89″,»paidStatus»:»NON_PREMIUM»,»originalSource»:»Mercury»,»creditedSource»:»Mercury»,»originalAssetId»:»0f5868d8-b397-11e7-91b2-7adcdc09d52c»,»version»:»PUBLISHED»,»dateUpdated»:»2017-10-18T03:24:37.000Z»,»dateLive»:»2017-10-18T06:00:00.000Z»,»customDate»:»2017-10-18T06:00:00.000Z»,»dateCreated»:»2017-10-17T23:58:23.000Z»,»status»:»ACTIVE»,»thumbnailImage»:{«contentType»:»IMAGE»,»id»:{«value»:»17c270f77f7284b3f93d5058b54a7b04″,»link»:»http:\/\/\/image\/v1\/17c270f77f7284b3f93d5058b54a7b04″},»originId»:»crop-c3656e1a178a247f6377ca9cf7918563″,»origin»:»METHODE»,»title»:»Black-browed albatross. 7 507 more words

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Pakistan blast kills at least six in southwestern city

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – An explosion ripped through a police truck on Wednesday to kill at least six people in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta, police said.

China Is Quietly Reshaping The World

China is quickly growing into the world’s most extensive commercial empire. By way of comparison, after World War II, the Marshall Plan provided the equivalent of $800 billion in reconstruction funds to Europe (if calculated as a percentage of today’s GDP). 28 more words