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Mixology Sessions: Drums.

Over the latest week, ​there has not been any mix that has​ stood out. There has been only been just tracks. Strange. It just can be a phase – or just be the fact that something has completely changed. 212 ord igjen

Onsdag 14 mars turer

Hei og velkommen til i dags blogg fra Who Let The Dogs Out Oslo.

Hva en fin dag ut. Vi hadde mye sol og perfekt blå himmel. 136 ord igjen


Oslo In The Snow

I and my girlfriend went to Oslo this last weekend. Going from the second biggest city in Norway to the biggest city may not seem like it would be that different, but in a country as sparsely populated as Norway, this was something of a big-city vacation for us. 296 ord igjen


Oslo - Norway

Norway is an incredibly beautiful country and I am disappointed to say I only visited Oslo. I would love to go back and explore more of this fascinating landscape. 855 ord igjen



The coffee house =Kaffe in Oslo is a cafe you should remember to make a note of for your city trip to Norway’s capital. Not only is it a charming place with some retro 60s/70s furniture from when I was a kid, just like at grandma and grandpa’s, but it 160 ord igjen


Tirsdag 13 mars turer

Hei og velkommen til i dags blogg fra Who Let The Dogs Out Oslo.

I dag var den først dag som vi har hadde flere timer over null grader. 138 ord igjen


Thriving in Norway: Get Outside

While somewhere they already talk about the spring – look how much snow there is in the forest around Oslo! On Friday night I wrote a post about… 797 ord igjen