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Oslo Landscapes - Colors

I seem to take so many pictures of landscapes and nature that I have tried to separate them out by miscellaneous theme. In this case, the landscapes contain quite a bit of color, whether it be the shocking hues of fall leaves, the subtle variations of colored clouds and flora, and, of course, full-on sunsets and sunrises. 214 ord igjen


Postcard from Oslo, Norway 6

The open space in front of the parliament seems huge when you are The Ant King and Heffanutts size.  Must be a long walk.

I don`t know why they took this photo, but they insisted on posting it:


A New Year

While welcoming in 2019 watching fireworks from our balcony in my pyjamas I realised that it had been over half a year since I last posted a blog and made a resolution to myself to be better this year. 395 ord igjen


Port Guide: Oslo

The sail in to Oslo is a definite sight to see as you sail through the Oslofjord.

Our port of call at Oslo fell on a Sunday which meant that a lot was closed. 259 ord igjen


48 hours in Oslo

Day 1

The off the beaten path Akerselva River

Past the ultramodern Bar Code architectural project, and a few streets in the vibrant Grønland district, reach the Akerselva River to walk its banks and explore the industrial past of Oslo. 903 ord igjen


Postcard from Oslo, Norway 5

Grand Hotel (1874)  is best known as is the annual venue of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Grand Café, where Henrik Ibsen used to eat every day is on the left side of the hotel entrance. 16 ord igjen

The Ant King And Heffanutt