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Location :  A random street,  Oslo Norway.

Cock Nose

Artistic interpretation :  SEMI –   some basically drawn cocks, although its nice to see some hairy balls, which is a first for Cocks about Town. 136 ord igjen


Oslo Chronicle

For over a year now, I have been writing a memoir of my years as an industrial physicist. The nice part of having penned bits and pieces of my experiences every once in a while, I now rediscover them tucked away in hand written diaries and digitally date stamped text files. 3 746 ord igjen


Moving to Oslo, Norway

Norway is not the first European country I moved to, and I understand that there are bureaucracy to climb, administration to handle, and things may not run as smoothly as one would like. 547 ord igjen


Oslo Diaries: Where We Stayed

November has been a slightly quieter affair for me on the blog and it’s not just because Blogtober has now come to an end!  No, this month it’s been harder to write because we’ve whisked ourselves away to Oslo, Norway! 766 ord igjen


Exploring the City of Many Names - Oslo

Like so many cities in the world, Oslo has had a history of name changes. The original name was Oslo until it burnt to the ground in the 1600s then it was renamed… 1 311 ord igjen



Gustav Vigeland was a Norwegian sculptor. Gustav Vigeland occupies a special position among Norwegian sculptors, both in the power of his creative imagination and in his productivity. 16 ord igjen