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Mandag 16 oktober turer

Hei og velkommen til i dags blog fra Who Let The Dogs Out Oslo.

I dag hadde vi en flott start til uken. I morges hadde vi strålende vær og vi var overrasket fordi vi er sikkert at kalenderen sier at det er oktober… ikke mars, april eller juni. 163 more words


Book Review: The Snowman - Jo Nesbo ****

If you’ve been following Angelnet Reviews for a while you’ll already know that I like a good Scandi Noir to while away the dark winter evenings! 260 more words

Book Review



Frosty trees glistening along the roadside. An old Land Rover driven to combat the slippery bitumen. Colossal chunks of pearly ice scattered precariously close to the driving lanes. 162 more words



«The Snowman struggles under the weight of its own considerable budget and expectations, offering little or nothing of the mood and atmosphere that’s so synonymous with Scandinavian film and television.» 438 more words

Norway: Olso - Final Morning

Our final hours in Norway.  We got up this morning and had a few hours to look around Oslo before heading to the airport for our flight back to Iceland and on to Denver and home.  475 more words


Norway: Andelsnes to Oslo

Unfortunately we only had one night in Andelsnes.  Today we had to make the big journey back to Oslo as our trip was nearing its end.  334 more words