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24-ish Hours in Oslo: Norwegian Folk Museum


Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum was something we thought we wanted to see. I mean, there aren’t any viking ships where I live in the States. 454 more words


Mandag 21 august turer

Hei hei og velkommen til i dags blog fra Who Let The Dogs Out Oslo.

I dag er mandag og vi håper at dere er slappet etter en fin helg. 208 more words


Colors of Oslo

Last week my interest for exploring my own city was rekindled. This week I have spent in excitement and inspiration, falling in love with the place that I thought can hold no more surprises for me. 279 more words



I am working three days a week at a small farm-to-table restaurant, waiting tables and cooking. I am more excited about this than my coworkers — they want to make money, I suppose; I want to make food. 536 more words


Just parking around

Needless to say, I was feeling less than fresh when I woke up this morning. Our original plan had been to meet at 10am on campus, but seeing as I woke up at 10:30 it was pretty safe to say that plan was scrapped. 1 086 more words


Verdens Hoelet

det er noe med dette landet som absoslutt ikke stemmer overens med hva dere nordmenn tenker om dere selv. for eksempel at dere har satt dere som «nummer 1 i verden! 507 more words


24-ish Hours in Oslo: The Fortress


Akershus Fortress was our next destination since we were now powered up with caffeine. It’s a good thing too, since all fortresses seem to be built on a hill. 154 more words