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The Love Trail

Kjærlighetsstien (love trail) is also something that has been working its way from the back of my mind to the prefrontal cortex. So when I was out and about, being a tourist in my own backyard, I decided to stop by here too. 98 ord igjen


Fun in the Sun - as experienced by an adult

As you will know from my previous blog, we had incredibly fantastic weather throughout May and some of June. Rupert was loving it. And so were his parents. 158 ord igjen


Torsdag 21 juni turer

Hei og velkommen til i dags blogg fra Who Let The Dogs Out Oslo.

Vi hadde en grå dag ut igjen men vi var ikke trist. 164 ord igjen


Midweek: Skippergata, Jaeger, Blå, The Villa, Elefant, Dattera til Hagen, Kulturhuset, Revolver, Khartoum, Oslo Camping.

Mittwoch, Midweek or middle of everything! Well, the time has come to take yet another roundabout on what will be on the menu for the weekend, more precisely​ Friday night. 946 ord igjen

The Wooden Houses of Oslo

The street Telthusbakken I have passed by now and again on my travels through town. And every time I’ve been charmed by what I’ve seen, in the distance. 186 ord igjen


Having Fun And Competing In Oslo Vlog

As some of you already know, our team KeepCold SB and the other team from the same school (BI Norwegian Business School), Smilefjes SB, went to Oslo together for a contest. 25 ord igjen