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Visiting the Oldest Ski Museum and Jump Tower in Holmenkollen, Oslo

According to the official VisitOslo website, Oslo has more than 50 museums that cover all of your interests; art, history, sports, animals, magic, beer, mini bottles, the city itself and much more. 658 ord igjen

Daisy Blue

A Norwegian Paradox: Oil vs. the Environment

Previously we have explored Oslo’s claims to sustainability and ‘greenness’. But how green is Oslo really? Today’s post is going to investigate what is known as ‘ 745 ord igjen


A Big Moment for Nadia Murad

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – » Mother, mother… There’s too many of you crying. Father, father… there’s too many of you dying. We must find a way to bring some living here today.» 296 ord igjen

Midweek: Konrad - Folkets hus, Jaeger, Parkteateret, Sunkissed.

Here’s your ride for your weekend that starts on the little one that always will be called the one with that throwback Thursday stuff!
A long and good weekend with a heck of a lot on the itinerary. 713 ord igjen

Grand Hotel - Oslo, Norway

The term; «Skandi». It conjures up an immediate image. For me it is that of Vikings. 7 ft Men named Hansel with white eyelashes and blonde, blue eyed women that look like they’ve just stepped off a Nordic ice-covered runway and into a Cardigans music video. 1 041 ord igjen

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