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Snakker du norsk?

This is Sachi….Sachi snakker doggo

God ettermiddag! I would like to talk about my initial thoughts learning (Norsk) Norwegian. Yes I may be only a week in but I have been putting in the hours! 387 ord igjen

Oslo Opera House

When the opera house was under construction, there was a lot of debate concerning need, cost and expression. Was Italian marble really necessary, instead of Norwegian granite? 135 ord igjen


Norway police used a Drone for riot situation awareness at Mortensrud.

Aftenposten press The Oslo police confirmed that it was their drone used over the demonstration at Mortensrud in June.

Images and quotes courtesy https://www.aftenposten.no/article/ap-0nP68G.html


winter in norway

Probably the most spontaneous trip ever.. We came across this idea of going to Norway just because the flight tickets are cheap – £5! Yeap, not kidding.  526 ord igjen


Torsdag 9 juli turer

Heisann og god torsdag 

We hope you are all well and have had a marvelous Thursday so far

Absolutely gorgeous conditions out there. And for once we managed to avoid the rain this afternoon!! 97 ord igjen


Onsdag 8 juli turer

Heisann og happy onsdag til dere

We hope you are enjoying some early evening sunshine and you have had a great day, whatever you have been up to. 101 ord igjen