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The Exception may not be better: LIFE

WARNING: Reading further may result in severe anger and discomfort.  

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Japanese have phobia about a stronger China

Chinese people want to break away from the historical stigma of Japan’s invasion, while the Japanese are fearful of China’s rise

For a number of reasons, nationalist sentiments have led many Chinese to label Japan as treacherous, pugnacious and condescending, especially as the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has begun currying favor with the new government in Washington while finding ways to bypass its “Peace Constitution” and remove the fetters imposed on its military. 387 more words


NPR News: The Sentencing Of A Monster

The Sentencing Of A Monster
After a years-long trial, Ratko Mladic was given life in prison for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. NPR’s Scott Simon reflects on the legacy of the «Butcher of Bosnia.»

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Guru dan Mahasiswa

Saya tergelitik dengan istilah yang dipakai di Indonesia, namun sebelumnya, mari kita melihat definisi dari istilah yang dipakai tersebut.

MAHA- /ma.ha-/ bentuk terikat 1. sangat; amat; teramat; 2. 337 more words

A Govt should help build and not destroy dreams.

By Jose Raymond

When national table tennis player Clarence Chew was denied another deferment from his National Service (NS) commitments, it killed his medal dreams at next April’s Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games five months following that. 251 more words


An Outdated Mantra for Success

Mihir’s conundrum

Mihir had recently had a confrontation with his parents. When he told them about the future that he wanted for himself, they found it unacceptable. 982 more words


Euthanasia Horror Story: Health Mother is Euthanised in Belgium but Family is only told after the fact

Euthanasia Horror Story: Health Mother is Euthanised in Belgium but Family is only told after the fact

Editorial Comment:

Forget slippery slope this is an agenda playing out.  9 more words