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Is Globalization a Double-Edged Sword in Healthcare?

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.—The world is flat, make that flatter, compared to just a couple of decades ago. That has both positive and negative implications when it comes to managing disease and care on a global level. 364 ord igjen


Sachin Tendulkar raises concern on health catastrophe | PlugInCaroo

Health Series 01 – Sachin Tendulkar raises concern on looming Health catastrophe The Master Blaster took to social media platform Facebook in Dec 2017 with a message of ‘transforming India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation’. 105 ord igjen

Debunking Calories in, Calories out

I’m here to tell you right here, right now, that calories in/calories out is nonsense, except at the absolute extremes of eating or not eating. 355 ord igjen


Big Gramma

I am fat. My body mass index (BMI) is 42 which qualifies me as morbidly obese. Not just fat, mind you, but obese. MORBIDLY obese. I am also no longer young, and older people have a more difficult time losing weight due to changes in metabolism and the way calories are burned. 416 ord igjen


Addictions tune one out from reality spiritually!

Included in addictions are anything one feels compelled to become strongly attached to despite their harmful impact on your ability to cope with reality! Cigarettes are extremely addictive and often are not considered for the spirit altering addictive impact they have on people! 486 ord igjen


Would you give your child cocaine?

In a news article out today, a doctor is calling for weight-loss surgery to be more readily availble for children; he claims that it’s a necessary measure to stem the rise of obesity in the young. 442 ord igjen


Living it Large

We are constantly being advised that it’s not healthy to be overweight. It’s true, if you are obese you are more likely to suffer from all sorts of health related issues such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and breathing problems. 752 ord igjen