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Asterisk or Astérix?


An asterisk can lead you to more information.*


 Astérix is a character:

Likewise, an obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape or pyramidion at the top. 32 more words


Rock-climbing with Mini-Me

When the admin makes the Whatsapp group icon a photo of yourself, you can’t help but feel drawn to go rock-climbing instead of hiking.  Also, you need to complete that route you couldn’t finish last time you were at Lakeside Pinnacle.  1 133 more words

Rock Climbing

Historians row over 'which politician is most like Caesar'

Roman experts are engaged in a fierce battle over the use of Julius Caesar for political metaphor.

Mary Weird, Professor of Really Old Stuff at Cambridge, said: «Corbyn is clearly Caesar. 280 more words

Barcelix, o blogger

Confirmo que a minha dona tem andado muito preguiçosa! Também aceito que a barriga começa a pesar, e como se não bastasse o Nuno agora chama-lhe Obelix, ficando ela «triste como a noite», metendo-se no sofá a dormitar a tarde toda.   70 more words

Home Sweet Home

It's the Gauls!!

Time seems to be a great sieve, separating the valuable from the trash. This is often true whether one is thinking of music, literature, art, oratory, or architecture: that which lasts the test of time seems to be the great and the magnificent. 480 more words


The one as a good present

The 36th instalment about Asterix’ adventures “Astérix and the Missing Scroll” was released on October 22nd of this year with a circulation run of four million copies – to mixed reactions amongst the fan community… 540 more words