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Imaginem Terribilis

I remember this particular Asterix comic where the fearless Vikings on a world rampage to discover the meaning of fear, they kidnap Justforkix the son the a Gaul chief, so off go our gallant Gaul’s Asterix and Obelix to rescue him. 490 more words

Write Over Weekend.

Asterisk or Astérix?


An asterisk can lead you to more information.*


 Astérix is a character:

Likewise, an obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape or pyramidion at the top. 32 more words


Rock-climbing with Mini-Me

When the admin makes the Whatsapp group icon a photo of yourself, you can’t help but feel drawn to go rock-climbing instead of hiking.  Also, you need to complete that route you couldn’t finish last time you were at Lakeside Pinnacle.  1 133 more words

Rock Climbing

Historians row over 'which politician is most like Caesar'

Roman experts are engaged in a fierce battle over the use of Julius Caesar for political metaphor.

Mary Weird, Professor of Really Old Stuff at Cambridge, said: «Corbyn is clearly Caesar. 280 more words

Barcelix, o blogger

Confirmo que a minha dona tem andado muito preguiçosa! Também aceito que a barriga começa a pesar, e como se não bastasse o Nuno agora chama-lhe Obelix, ficando ela «triste como a noite», metendo-se no sofá a dormitar a tarde toda.   70 more words

Home Sweet Home

It's the Gauls!!

Time seems to be a great sieve, separating the valuable from the trash. This is often true whether one is thinking of music, literature, art, oratory, or architecture: that which lasts the test of time seems to be the great and the magnificent. 480 more words


The one as a good present

The 36th instalment about Asterix’ adventures “Astérix and the Missing Scroll” was released on October 22nd of this year with a circulation run of four million copies – to mixed reactions amongst the fan community… 540 more words