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The River Bua Tale

Bridges are very special places for anglers; who could pass by without taking a look? Approaching one always fills your heart up with expectations 137 ord igjen

Fly Fishing

I must admit

My worries are predominantly unfounded
Born of society’s incessant push to be and do as one commonly would
The way one should
I must admit I get caught up in that fear mongering – 114 ord igjen

My Experience Studying Abroad

I have now been back in the UK for just over a month and on reflection I am slowly adjusting back to my old life as a UK citizen living with friends and family. 558 ord igjen

Interview with Marit Higraff, co-host of Death in Ice Valley (podcast)

This year’s best mystery/true crime podcast is, without question, Death in Ice Valley. The show is an investigation into the Isdal woman mystery (if you don’t know what it is, read on below). 1 805 ord igjen

Du store måsetid

Hei og god morgen fine. Her har jeg nesten ikke hatt blund på øynene! I år igjen har vi en måseunge i nabolaget og nå er det like før den flyr og setter kurs for havet. 192 ord igjen