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[Music] Juhani Silvola - Post​-​Biological Wildlife

Norwegian composer Juhani Silvola is the heir of the French electroacoustic music tradition, and he has managed to update the sound while maintaining its spirit.  According to his biography, «Juhani’s music often explores themes circling post-humanism, nature and virtual reality, questioning the role of humanity in the near future, and painting varied scenarios without exclusively condemning or glorifying the techno-futuristic vision.»  We’re in for a bleak future, folks. 15 ord igjen


Mt. Mélodie reach new heights

The minute you hear Only Ghosts and Useless Things from Mt. Mélodie you’ll want to get up and dance (not in your underwear Tom). Effortlessly catchy guitar pop song with a delicious instrumental outro reminiscent of Deerhunter (imho). 25 ord igjen


Noruega vive oleada de arquitectura verde y eficiente

El primer hotel con energía positiva, un restaurante subacuático o un baño público desde el que visualizar los fiordos son algunos ejemplos de cómo logran integrar arquitectura y naturaleza… 909 ord igjen

Postcard from Oslo, Norway 14

A mystery iron gate, wonder what’s inside.. the roof reminds the boys of a cellar, it feels a bit creepy…

Yeah, Heffanutt found some greenery in this street too – a plant and a forgotten Christmas decoration (?!?).  10 ord igjen

The Ant King And Heffanutt

February Sunset

Det går mot vår! Både solnedganger og soloppganger flytter seg i forhold til horisonten og til visse tider på året blir det lettere eller vanskeligere å fange dem inn. 162 ord igjen


Creditsafe USA Claims to Have Largest Database of Business-Credit Information

Creditsafe USA said today it is now the world leader in providing business-credit information with its recent expansion including data from Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia and Libya. 105 ord igjen