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Live Stream (3/17/18) with Stig Andersen, leader of Stop Islamization of Norway

Earlier this evening, I live streamed with a studio guest, Stig Andersen, who is the leader of the organization Stop Islamization of Norway. We discussed many different topics, mainly related to Islam, Islamization, and political correctness. 144 ord igjen

Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Denmark, Norway and Sweden cooperated in the Kalmar Union in the Middle Ages.

The Agreement on the Union was signed at the Castle of Kalmar in 1397. 87 ord igjen

Single Review: Sigrid - Raw

Sigrid just wants to be ‘Raw’ on new single
2018 was off to a big start for Norwegian pop star Sigrid. Next to being chosen as most promising artist for 2018 on A Bit of Pop Music… 211 ord igjen


"Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær"


After finishing my master’s degree in Oceanography, I decided it was time to move country. In the middle of the Spanish crisis, public money was going everywhere else but to science. 1 334 ord igjen


Single Review: Kygo & Miguel - Remind Me To Forget

Kygo repeats his tricks on new single with Miguel
Kygo had his big break back in 2014 when his single ‘Firestone’ became a huge hit. The tropical house sound of the Norwegian producer set a trend in the whole pop scene and it did not take him long to be able to work with some big stars. 208 ord igjen

Single Reviews

On the beach

My son and daughter playing on a beach in the far north of Norway. A beautiful summers day with ice cold water.

Ps. This shot actually got published in a book here in Norway about Children and their relationships with nature.

Canon G9

Black And White Photography