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5 players that switched alliance to Kosovo

With international football around the corner, it reminds me of the Kosovon national team who even though they’ve only been a FIFA member since 2016 they already have an exciting and impressive roster of players on their hand. 638 ord igjen


Eurotrip 2017

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Iceland


Seljebottinden attempt, Mar 18 2018

At least we gave it a good try…

Peaks ALMOST visited:

Peak Height PF Location Seljebottinden 1531m 641m Norddal/ Stordal, Norway

My good friend Petter Bjørstad… 974 ord igjen


Pathfinder (1987) Shivering Snowy Scandinavian Survival Fable

In this Norwegian, freeze your goolies off, action adventure film from director and writer Nils Gaup, we get to witness a survival tale set in the bleak frozen lands and fjords of Northern Norway, some time around 1000 AD. 575 ord igjen


L.H. Celestine

I slutten av Mars ble Celestine solgt, til to utrolig flinke jenter, som har hatt henne på leie avtale et år. Med denne bloggen ønsker jeg dem all lykke. 11 ord igjen