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Norwegians Are More Positive to Refugees than Immigrants in General

June 20, 2018

The study showes that public opinion has been stable on most issues since 2005, but there is a growing skepticism in relation to immigration. 707 ord igjen


Barbaric Fascists

Not all Goths are into fascism and vice versa but it’s almost coincidental that Germany wasn’t just the former Nazi heartland but also now hosts the world’s largest Goth subculture scene. 131 ord igjen

Part One Europe: Flying to Norway.

Here comes another series of blogs about my latest travels. Those who are frequent readers will know I like to post writings in chunks, and have previously written about my holidays, so here you go! 462 ord igjen


Most Excellent News

A decision on your Visa application: (long number thing) has been made by the Norwegian Consulate General in New York.Your processed application has been received at the Norwegian Visa Application Centre and is ready for collection.

73 ord igjen

Day 3: Bergen = Bergen

.. in a nutshell


Norway: ‘We’re committed to facilitating peace talks’

The Norwegian government is still strongly committed to facilitating the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front (NDF).

This was emphasized by Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide to Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus G. 502 ord igjen

Eight Days This Week

Divide by 12 to work out the price in £ sterling.

Norway seems to consist entirely of those days where sun and wind are having a competition – do you remember the children’s story? 791 ord igjen