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Eighty years on. 26th May 1940


The Citadel at Calais was attacked by two hundred German bombers and artillery. German troops crossed the canals forming the last Allied defensive line. In the afternoon Brigadier Claude Nicholson surrendered the Citadel. 208 ord igjen


Little Challenge, Great Results!

  • Best attempt!

Do you know that feeling when you learn something new and you get a hang of it and suddenly you just can’t let go? 826 ord igjen


Norway, 2018, Nordic folk / dark folk

WardrunaSkald: I thought the Wardruna project was finished, and this album coming out of nowhere has disappointed many fans who think the project should have been closed. 121 ord igjen

A New Challenge Awaits

I have always liked the thought of doing proper lower league games in Football Manager, throughout every edition of the series, but it’s not been very often that I have done them and on the odd occasion I have: I haven’t fared well barring that one rather epic Montrose save back in the late noughties. 681 ord igjen