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What's it like to be a Pakistani? 🤔

Raza Rumi, an exiled Pakistani writer 📝 who writes ✍️ national narratives 🇵🇰, believes that to know about Pakistan on a broader level, it should be connected to India 🇮🇳 through history, culture, geography and many others. 783 ord igjen

Bad Blood

Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

By John Carreyrou
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I imagine that one of the drawbacks of being a journalist that is that, in real life, villains are thin on the ground. 1 031 ord igjen


Hanging the Sheriff: A Biography of Henry Plummer by R.E. Mather, F.E. Boswell

Hanging the Sheriff takes another look at the life of Henry Plummer. Conventional history labels Plummer as the leader of a notorious outlaw gang in the territory that would eventually become Montana. 453 ord igjen

Book Review

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The way of Kings (Part one) by Brandon Sanderson



TEEN OVERVIEW: A seriously complex book. Quite similar to the likes of  Eragon or even The Lord of the Rings but, arguably even more gripping! 375 ord igjen


Late Nights

The night shift anywhere is something a little odd, but a casino, like the one I work at, is especially strange, especially around four in the morning or so. 346 ord igjen


The migration which is changing the demography of India : The illegal migrants of Bangladesh

Operation lebensraum, Illegal migration from Bangladesh, is about the issue which is changing the demography of the state of Assam, and in general the whole demographic structure of the north-eastern part of India. 676 ord igjen